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four sudoku puzzles with the words sudoku in black and white, one on each side
SUDOKU trois niveaux
Et les voici enfin ici également ! Un dossier avec trois niveaux de Sudoku pour un centre de mathématiques progressif, ou des ateliers dè...
a person sitting at a table with a ruler in front of them and some colorful blocks on the floor
Mes ateliers autour de la symétrie
Mes ateliers autour de la symétrie - L'école de Crevette
an image of a paper with lines and dots on it
Symmetry Activities
Line Symmetry Picture Butterfly, printable symmetry worksheet
the worksheet for lines and shapes that can be used to help students learn how to
Symmetry Worksheets
Line Symmetry Worksheets, a selection of symmetry worksheets with 2 lines of symmetry for 3rd grade
the worksheet is shown for children to learn how to draw letters and numbers
Symmetry Worksheets
symmetry art line symmetry 4
an instruction manual for the construction of a tower
Symmetry Activities
Line Symmetry Rocket Picture, geometry worksheets for kids
a wooden table topped with lots of different colored blocks next to a ruler on top of it
Geometry Unit and Symmetry Activity
Much more complex for upper grades or kids who need a challenge- Geometry Unit and Symmetry Activity
the floor plan for an apartment with two floors and one room on each side, in blue
Symmetry Activities
Line Symmetry Picture Castle, symmetry activities for 3rd grade and up
the same drawing is used to make this pattern for children's faces and hands
Worksheets, word lists and activities. | GreatSchools
Monster symmetry - Worksheets & Activities | GreatSchools