Watercolor planner stickers

Original planner stickers from watercolor artworks, inspiring you for your bullet journal, your memory planning and all kind of other journaling activities.
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Pages from a Hobonichi weeks planner, open in the middle, showing a daily overview with times and various appointments. Decorated with watercolor stickers in shades of pink and ochre. Stickers, Hobonichi, Far Away, Planner, Away, Planner Stickers, Watercolor Stickers, Watercolor, Watercolor Artwork
Example of a day in my Hobonichi Weeks 🌸
I've been using a Hobonichi weeks for over two years and I have to say it's one of the nicest planners I've used so far. The sheets are super-thin but very sturdy - so Japanese quality, allowing me to carry my whole year in a relatively thin notebook! The watercolor stickers are from the Far Away collection, among others.
a wooden tray with some tape and scissors in it on a white surface next to a pair of scissors
Watercolor illustrations in rose-brown tones Pink, Watercolor Illustration
Watercolor illustrations for Christmas - some Christmas Socks, Gifts, Christmas Baubles Fun
Watercolor stickers with some winter illustrations : rabbits, fir tree and mushrooms under snow. Winter Time
watercolor planner stickers with an open book on the cover and text that reads, watercolor planner stickers
Watercolor Planner Stickers Board Cover
How to make your own planner stickers - My technique
Here's one of the steps that's most important to me when creating a sticker - designing the cutting line. It can take quite a while, but once it's done, I can use the template and sticker as many times as I like. 👩‍💻 Machine: Silhouette Cameo - Program: Silhouette Studio
an image of a poster with the words plan with me
Planner with stickers - How to create lovely spreads 🥰
Fall mood in my Happy Planner with a few stickers and the printable inserts that perfectly fit for this time of the year 🍂🧡
some stickers are laying on top of a table
Hobonichi sized stickers - Clearing Sale 50% 🥰
Several years ago, I was delighted to discover the Hobonichi Weeks format, and especially its cousin, the Cousin format (haha) 📙 I made a special format for our sticker sheets, which made other Hobo weeks lovers happy, but which didn't do very well, to be honnest. Especially since the new mini format finally suited everyone 🥰 That's why we a clearing all Hobonichi Weeks sized sheets until September 10th!
a white plate with some stickers on it next to papers and magnets that read mudy time
Printable work stickers
The collection of study and work stickers is also available in a digital version, so you can use them in your digital planner or by printing them at the size you want 🥰📒 Image courtesy of @tantikcreation.
Live sketching of a mug sticker
A little glimpse behind the scenes, before a sticker comes to life. This mug is part of the "Far Away" stickers and washi tapes collection 🤍❄️
a person holding a pen in their left hand and writing something on the other hand
Handmade Stickers
All our stickers are hand designed with a lot lof love and humor. Because both are absolutely essential in everyday life. Want to know a little more? Don't hesitate to visit my store to get a better idea.
Pomodoro stickers Inventions, Techniques, Improve, Adaptations, Blog, Simple
How I adapted the Pomodoro Technique to myself - A blog article
The Pomodoro technique, invented by Francesco Cirillo in the eighties, is a powerful tool to improve our concentration and our ability to work over time. This article shows how we can adapt this simple technique to many aspects of our life.