Watercolor Illustrations

Light brown background with a title "hell spring" and some white summer flowers flying on both sides of the title. Illustrators, Hello Spring, Hello, Spring Background, Stickers, Sticker Decor, Spring, Planner Stickers, Fun
Hello Spring Background
HELLO SPRING - At last! Here it is (at least in this hemisphere), the birds in the branches making their little "cuicui" and the air getting milder. 😊 We're experiencing the first buds here 🪺 and I'm looking forward to discovering longer days. I wish you an excellent day 🌱💚
Brown background with title "hello february" and some cherry blossom trees on the top and the bottom Thoughts, Happy February, New Month, Happy, February, More Fun
Hello February
I wish you a very happy February, and send you lots of thoughts and strength to face this new month 💪🏼✨
Watercolor art of cherry blossoms flowers in the wind Ideas, Planners, Winter, Beautiful, Fancy, Watercolor Illustration, Watercolor, Planner
Process behind the production of planner stickers
A small glimpse of my watercolors used to produce planner and bullet journal stickers. Beautiful and original 🤗
Light brown background with "Hello January" written on it in round letters, decorated on the underside with a watercolor mushroom in the snow, wearing earmuffs. Feelings, New Adventures, Etsy, Whimsical
Happy January
Here we are in 2024 and Linou's Pots is celebrating its 9th anniversary! ▫️ Nine years ago, I clicked the "create" button on my Etsy store. I remember being filled with a strange feeling, a mixture of fear of the unknown, excitement about a new adventure and, above all, curiosity about what was to come. And I must say, I wasn't disappointed! 😂 ▫️ I wish you an excellent New Year, rich in new discoveries and challenges 💪🏼😘✨
the words watercolor illustrations are written in pink and orange
Watercolor illustrations - Title for the pin board 😅
Well.... this is just the title for this pin board - that I will fill with my watercolor illustrations.