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here are paintings from past times with gardens and other stuff
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Claude Monet

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Dolling Up (Harold Anderson)
title unknown-Harold Anderson
harold anderson - Google Search

Harold Anderson

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1966 "Dad, the Photographer" print by John Walter
1967 "A Boy and His Best Friend" by John Walter
1968 "A Boy and His Dad" by John Walter

John Walter

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Norm Eastman | by oldcarguy41
norm eastman art

Norman Eastman

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John Gannam
The star of the movie is getting final adjustments to her costume and seems to be taking it with boredom. But my guess is that once the camera starts rolling she with be a different person. with a smile, she would be lovely. This painting illustrated the story "Hollywood Wife" in American magagazine in November 1941.
John Gannam

John Gannam

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Heart and Soul | Limited Edition Print – Niagara Image Gallery
Lantern Walk Trisha Romance
Woodland Treasure Trisha Romance

Trisha Romance

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Pinturas do AUwe - Daniel Ridgway Knight (Norte Americano)
Daniel Ridgway Knight

Daniel Ridgway Knight

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Arthur John Elsley (1860 – 1952, English)
Unknown Title - Arthur John Elsley (English, 1860-1952)
by Arthur John Elsley  (1860-1952)

Arthur John Elsley

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Sandra Kuck art
Sandra Kuck

Sandra Kuck

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Konstantin Razumov
Happy Hour by Konstantin Razumov
Jeune élégante au bibi noir by Konstantin Razumov

Konstantin Razumov

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Albert Lynch - Jeanne d'Arc - Albert Lynch - Wikipedia
La lettre

albert lynch

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Belle d'Eté by Emile Vernon - Category:Émile Vernon - Wikimedia Commons


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Hans Zatzka  1859 - 1945  Vienna, Austria
Hans Zatzka  1859 - 1945  Vienna, Austria
Hans Zatzka

Hans Zatzka

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Haddon Sundblom  1948 "Beer Belongs" America's Brewers
The Summer Children ~Harry Anderson 1906-1996
A Secret From My Wife ~ Harry Anderson 1906-1996

Harry anderson

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Oil Painting 1921 titled; The Fortune Teller
Resultado de imagem para norman rockwell barber shop
Norman Rockwell: American Originals | Muddy Colors

Norman rockwell

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Dean Cornwell Way Home. Notice the bottle glass in the window.
"Old Fashion” by Dean Cornwell, 1925.

Dean cornwell

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Robert Duncan - Artists - Trailside Galleries
Robert Duncan - Artists - Trailside Galleries
Robert Duncan - Artists - Trailside Galleries

Robert Duncan

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On the walk, Alexandr Averin- painting, girl with an umbrella, seashore, gulls, lapdog
Children at sea, Alexandr Averin
Girls on the shore of Azov, Alexandr Averin- Sea of Azov, the two girls, hat, basket, painting

Alexandr Averin

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a painting of a man and woman standing next to each other near a fence with chickens
Lucius Rossi (Rome 1846—1913 Paris)Chatting by the Fence, signed L. Rossi (ligature), oil on canv
Historical Art, Haddon Sundblom, Rennaissance Art, Powerful Art, Pulp Art, Romantic Art, Ethereal Art
Haddon Sundblom (1899 – 1976)
a painting of a woman holding a tray in her hand and looking at something on the table
Gâteau d' Anniversaire Perfume - Golden Birthday Cake with Strawberry Rosewater Glaze
an old man sitting in a chair reading a book next to a globe and bookshelf
Books and Art
a painting of a family sitting on a couch
Voluptuous images by Ed Tadiello
an image of a woman with two children and a dog
elsley, arthur john - Good Night 2
a painting of a woman in an old fashioned dress holding a harp and standing next to a piano
La jeune musicienne - Michel Garnier, 1788