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a person holding a blue crocheted object with a white triangle on it's side
the sewing machine is being worked on by someone
super truco para fabricar un monedero con un zipper. #shorts
a small floral print purse on a light blue background with white zippered closures
Tutorial y patrón gratuito de estuche con base
a hand holding a small pink and blue checkered wallet with buttons on it's flap
Carteirinha Maravilinda
a blue and white purse sitting on top of a green cutting board next to flowers
Carteira Arabesco
two small purses sitting next to each other on a wooden table with the words koton written in chinese
a person holding up a pink purse with patches on it and a credit card holder in the other hand
two small purses sitting on top of a table next to the words diy
Cómo hacer un maxi neceser
two small purses are sitting side by side on a white surface, one is blue and the other has red flowers
Цветочная косметичка