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the cover of a book with trees in the background and text that reads, a complete guide
A Complete Tutorial on Genealogy Organization | The Sunburned Penguin
a sign that says top 10 free geneeloy web sites for family searchs
How Older People Benefit From Knowing Their Genealogy
an old photo being held by someone's hand with the words, 12 smart ways to organize old photos
12 Smart Ways to Organize Old Photos
Here are 12 Smart Ways to Organize Old Photos. We've got the tips and hacks to help you get organised so you don't lose those old photos. | #getorganised #hometips #lifeskills #organizationhacks
green leaves with the text, 61 free genealogy forms family tree magazine
Free Genealogy Forms: 10 Essentials
Family Tree Magazine - Free Forms - Family History / Genealogy / Research…
an info sheet with the words genial technology worksheet written in green and white
The Ultimate All-In-One Genealogy Worksheet - The Creative Family Historian
a diagram showing the steps to create a file folder for each people on your pedigree chart
Step 2b – Set Up Your File Folders
Hey! This is the method I've been using for years!
a close up of a usb cable with the words digitize old genealy media yourself
How to Digitize Old Media Yourself
Digitize Old Genealogy Media Yourself | Tips for Genealogists and Others | Bespoke Genealogy | #genealogy
the words was your ancestor in the cco? these records can have a surprising amount of information on your ancestors
10 Reasons To Use CCC Records in Your Genealogy Research
Was your ancestor in the CCC? These records can have a surprising amount of information on your ancestors. Don't miss out!
a binder with some papers on top of it
Genealogy - Storing that Stuff!
Genealogy - Storing that Stuff! This is a really good article about organizing files, both on a computer and using paper.
an old photo with the words how to track your female ancestor using her children's records
How To Track Females in the Family Tree Using the Children's Records
Tracking down our female ancestors requires thinking "outside the box". Always focusing on her may not yield our desired results. By taking our focus off of our female ancestor, we can be sure of exhausting all possibilities of finding her in the records.
an ad for the family history site on twitter, with information about their families and relatives
10 Free Genealogy Sites: A Handy Infographic
There are many free genealogy sites available on the web. Here is a handy reference of 10 of the largest and most useful free family history sites from
an old manuscript with the words, instantly transcribe your genealoy records for free
How to Instantly Transcribe Your Genealogy Records for Free
Digitize your ancestry research for free: this genealogy tool will instantly transcribe your family history documents, vital records, newspaper clippings, and more. #freegenealogy