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an image of a game board with words and pictures on it, including the names
Tricky picture quiz challenges you to identify the well-known sayings
two snowmen with numbers on their faces and one has a pencil in his mouth
Winter and Christmas Math Crafts for First Grade!
Double Dose of Learning: Winter and Christmas Math Crafts for First Grade!
the 10 ways to praise poster is shown in black and white, with images of different characters
Classroom Cheers
Classroom Cheers- 10 fun ways for the class as a community to celebrate a student's work.
back to school printable worksheet with the words back to school on it
Classroom Management Hacks
I love these student call backs! Macaroni and cheese, everybody freeze and more fun ways to get kids' attention
a poster with the words attention and other things to do in front of it,
Classroom Management 10 Pin Party |
hogwarts want't hiring so teach muggles instead svg cut file
Harry Potter Hogwarts Teacher - SVG & Me
Harry Potter Hogwarts Teacher - SVG & Me
the lemonade tasting end of year fun activity is great for kids and adults alike
Let's Have a Lemonade Tasting (A Fun End of Year Experience)
End of year theme days are a sanity saver! My students absolutely love participating in a lemonade tasting and I love how it keeps them engaged while working on meaningful activities!