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a sandwich on a plate with chopsticks next to it and a glass of beer
le Parfait® Party Sandwich
a burger with lettuce, cheese and pomegranates on it
le Parfait® Burger
the bread has been cut in half and is on a table with other food items
Focaccia Brot
there is a sandwich with avocado on it
Focaccia Sandwich
two different wraps are on a plate with fruit and veggies in the background
le Parfait® Poulet Wraps mit Mango
a plate of penne with tomatoes and mushrooms
le Parfait® Penne Toskana
the wrap is cut in half and stacked on top of each other with spinach leaves
le Parfait® Wraps mit Rohschinken
a blue plate topped with toast and veggies next to a glass of water
le Parfait® Party Toasts Verdure grigliate
a piece of pizza on a blue plate with the words party toasts and tomato
le Parfait® Party Toasts Tonno
a blue plate topped with a slice of pizza
le Parfait® Party Toasts Pollo
a blue plate topped with a slice of cucumber and prosciutto
le Parfait® Party Toasts Crudo
an avocado toast with tomato and lettuce on it is sitting on a blue plate
le Parfait® Party Toasts Avocado
the cover of krauter - eopflane shows bread and other food items
le Parfait® Kräuter-Zopfkranz
a bowl filled with pasta and vegetables on top of a table next to some peppers
le Parfait® Frühlingssalat mit Thon und Lachs
the cover of a cookbook with pictures of food on it and in different stages of cooking
le Parfait® Flammkuchen