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two children playing with toys on the floor in an empty room, while another child watches
Over 40 Painters Tape Games and Activities
oh! Guys! This is the funnest roundup ever! Grab some painter’s tape and whip up some amazing activities, crafts and games with these fun hacks! Canvas Finger Painting Jumping Course Jump! Marbles Painting Craft Car Obstacle Course Target Toss Painters Tape City Spider Web Walking Jump Boxes Police Station Roadway Indoor Bean Bag Toss Floor Play …
some red sand sitting on top of a table
It’s a kind of magic – Kinetischer Sand einfach selbstgemacht - DIY-Family
a tree with two buckets and one potted plant
outdoor maths
Cheap but effective balance for outside
four different frames with flowers in them and the same one is made out of plastic
Kreativlinks der Woche - KW 20
two women are working on an outdoor weaving project in the grass and wood frame with flowers
Garden Loom
riesiger Webrahmen für dn Spielplatz
two young boys are playing with wooden blocks on the wall in front of a chair
Knikkerbaan van wc rollen en plakband, te leuk!. Foto geplaatst door ANNIdesign op Welke.nl
Knikkerbaan van wc rollen en plakband, te leuk!
a little boy standing in front of a wall next to a flower potted plant
Coole waterbaan maken
Coole waterbaan maken | Moodkids
a wooden pole with plastic bottles attached to it
Water wall, would be good over plants to make fun for kids to water.
two children are playing with wooden pegs and beaded boards on the ground while another child is sitting next to them