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an abstract photograph of blue and brown paint on the side of a tree trunk with large wings
© Anne Courtoy‎
by Rust-Art-Group - Anne Courtoy‎
peeling paint on the bark of an old tree
Holz Mehr
an old wooden wall with peeling paint and chippings on it's sides
' Crackle 1 '
crackle 1 by Gillian Lindsay Mehr
an abstract painting with red and blue colors on it's surface, including rusted metal rivets
the bark of an old tree is brown and white
PP and rust
Peeling paint and rust by Tina Negus - All Rights Reserved Mehr
an orange and purple wall with peeling paint
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Rusty Mehr
an old wooden fence with peeling paint on it
Abblätternde Farbe an alter Stalltür, Foto: S. Hopp Mehr
peeling paint on the side of a green and blue piece of wood that has been chipped
waterweaves Mehr
an abstract painting with lots of white eggs on the wall and in between two walls
Unfinished Poem – White Abstract Painting
Abstract mixed media painting | Unfinished Poem by Anca Gray - acrylic, egg shells, tea, coffee and tissue paper, all on canvas.
an abstract piece of art made out of red paper
Tree bark by Cedric Pollet. he is a photographer that travels round the world, taking pictures of different styles of tree's and bark.
the bark of a tree has been carved into it's own patterns and colors
Tree Bark texture; pinned 9/19/13
black and white photograph of clay pots stacked on top of each other with holes in them
Frank Horvat Margaret Ponce Israel’s studio, New York, USA, 1962
a close up view of the inside of a fenced in area that has been covered with netting
Abstract Paintings and Sculpture
Detail of sculpture by Lee Bontecou