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a poster with the words sound flow on it
Sound & Flow — Claire Kang
the cover art for it's time by charlie toller and herb hanck
Jackie McLean: It's Time; Consequence article @ All About Jazz
Vintage Gradient Tutorial Adobe Illustrator
Design 27/100. Burn text typography with gradient illustrations.
Tiktok-design 27/100. Burn text typography with shaped gradient, all done in adobe illustrator.
a red and black cd cover with the words reflection on it's side, in front of a black background
Graphics thisisgrey likes: Photo
a black and white poster with the words tacoli on it's side
Graphics thisisgrey likes
a black and white drawing of a man walking next to a green vinyl album cover
New Packaging for Primitive Trust by Post — BP&O
a black and white record with red lettering on it
Typographic Vinyl Record Covers
a black and white poster with the letter b on it
the words slow burn written in orange on a black background
an advertisement for the 1970 people's party in black and white with words all over it
PEOPLE - ABIIOR Style Poster
a black and white poster on a brick wall that says designing a point of view