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a cup of coffee is surrounded by words that spell out the word, and it's made from newspaper pages
Monday, Monday
café con leche... el arte de cada maniana!
an image of a woman with her legs spread out in the air and holding a camera
an open book with pictures of bugs and insects on it's pages, which are part of a series of altered images
constance rose : art and life
constance rose : art and life: January 2017
a collage of a dog with lots of different things on it's face
Custom Dog, Cat, and Horse Commissions
a woman in yellow swimsuit standing next to flowers and bees on an open book page
Model, Resim, Artist, Kunst
a man in a suit and tie with multiple squares over his face to make the image look like he is looking at something
two women kissing each other in front of a striped background with black and pink stripes
Old images take on new meaning in Sammy Slabbinck’s surreal collages
a hand holding a red and white camera over a city
a bee sitting on top of a flower with music notes in it's wings