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a glass vase filled with flowers and greenery
an arrangement of orange flowers and branches on a table in front of a garage door
Zelf maken: uitbundig herfstboeket - Wonen&Co
Zelf maken: herfstboeket - Wonen&Co
an image of a cake decorated with flowers and branches on the top, surrounded by berries
a woman holding an apple and flowers in her hand
Startseite - Gartenzauber
Blumen Ideen
a cake decorated with flowers and greenery on top of a blue tablecloth covered pedestal
Ma table automnale 2013.... - Les tables de Stef
Don't really like this, but it serves as a reminder that logs can add interest with the right theme.
the process of making a tree stump centerpiece
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a table
Shabby Chic selber machen: Romantik-Look für Zuhause
Blumen in der selbst gebastelten Vase im Shabby Chic Stil www.gofeminin.de/wohnen/shabby-chic-selber-machen-s1328775.html
a wooden table topped with a potted plant
' Art de la Fleur ' Floral , flowers , Angelique Temmink Waalboer , Autumn wreath , Fall Herfstkrans , Bloemschikken , Workshop.moss , Hortensia , Hydrangea,. www.artdelafleur7.nl
an arrangement of flowers and candles on a table