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the instagram page shows an image of a bathroom with stone walls and wood floors
Projeto lindo da @km_arquitetura_premiere Elementos rústicos também podem resultar em um ambiente de muito requinte como esse espaço…
the instagram page for instagram com features an image of a sink and mirror
Top Home Interiors Design Ideas
Typically, there are 3 broad kinds of interior design. The different kinds of interior design can accommodate any taste and influence that someone may... #luxuryhomeinterior
a buddha statue sitting in the middle of a pond
the sooner, the better…
The sooner one develops compassion in this journey, the better. Compassion lets us appreciate that each individual is doing what he or she must do, and that there is no reason to judge another pers...
a buddha statue sitting in the middle of a pond filled with fish
Koi carp and Siddharta
Zen Garden Setting… Koi carp and Siddharta | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees and other greenery, with a fountain in the middle
33 Tropical Swimming Pool Designs for Those Who Daydream
Guarantee the feeling of vacations at a tropical destination. Get your bathing suit ready, we are going to take you on a trip to tropical swimming pool designs, and you will find yourself choosing one for your yard. Go to backyardmastery.com for more ideas.
two pictures of the inside of a building with plants growing on it and in between
Another Amazing Roof Outdoor Garden
Amazing Rooftop Outdoor Garden (side note: i have recurring dreams about a home with a garden very much like this one)
an image of a bathroom with plants on the wall and in the bathtub area
25+ Must See Rain Shower Ideas for Your Dream Bathroom - Architecture & Design
If you want to make a shower look cool and unique, create a rain shower bathroom would be right choice for you. Rain shower can make you have some awesome bathing experience, and is also a place where you can quickly relax after a hard working day. Here we have gathered 27 amazing rain shower …
a modern bathroom with marble walls and flooring
Tiny homes have to make efficient use of space and that includes the bathrooms. A tiny house bathroom has to accommodate a toilet, a bath and/or shower, and a sink in a very small amount of space. An exception to… Continue Reading →
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and toilet in it's center wall is lit by two lights
10+ Beautiful Breathtaking Powder Room Ideas - Avionale Design
10 Gorgeous and Modern Powder Room Design Ideas #small #elegant #tiny #farmhouse #onbudget We shares powder room design and decorating ideas in every style, including vanities, sinks, mirrors, decor and more.