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a white wolf standing next to a tree
50 Ferocious Designs and Illustrations Featuring Wolves
an orange and white cat walking in the grass next to a tree with pink flowers
a white cat sitting on the ground next to a potted plant
Mr.Pickles on Twitter
a white owl sitting on top of a tree branch
🔥 Hummingbird nest with rain protection. 🔥
a white owl sitting on top of a rock next to green leaves and trees in the background
Eastern Screech Owl 🦉❤️
a large lion standing on top of a lush green field next to a fallen tree
Dad to all 7 current cubs Tamu,Laini,Ekundu,Zawadi,Kaya,Sarabi and Ingozi plus cubs Kamau,Zenda,Abena,Bakari and the late Mandisa