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an image of a tray with drinks on it that says pimp your proscicoo
11 Summer Wedding Ideas NOT on the beach (With Bonus Tips)
a table topped with lots of cards and an elephant sign
12 Awesome Baby Shower Activities and Ideas that Aren't Games
black and white photograph of baby's eyes, nose, head, hands and feet
Great photo idea for newborns
don't forget to get a photo of every precious tiny part: baby fingers, toes, bottom belly button
a facebook page with a baby's foot on top of a round cake pan
Make your own!
a poster with instructions on how to make salt and water for children's crafts
Ornament dough recipe
a baby's hand and foot prints in a white frame with blue trim around the edges
If only they would stay babies forever. This kit captures that first year with a 4 x 6 photo and handprints or footprints. Just press baby's hand or foot into the soft, mess-free, nontoxic clay. Requires no mixing, baking or painting and is easy to assemble. $59.95
baby footprints and handprints are featured in this collage with the words 8 baby footprints keepsakes
Precious Moments & Memories + Baby Footprint Keepsakes
Baby Footprint Keepsakes from Handprint & Footprint Art
several plastic cups with cartoon characters on them
Party Bags for sale | eBay
I have filled cups before and it's always turns out cute
a baby's bodysuit with writing on it next to a sign that says i am loved
Cute baby shower idea!!!
a chalkboard sign with the words charlotte written in different languages and numbers on it
One for each month leading up to one year, and then each year after that. have them sit or stand next to it
a birthday card with the words, happy birthday traditions start this year written on it
Birthday Traditions. I love stuff like this...want my kiddies to feel special all the time!
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, time capsule 28 to be opened when january runs 20
party shout outs!
Everyone that comes to your grad party could write down something for you to open when your graduate College