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chalk drawings of jellyfish on a blackboard with colored crayons in it
3rd Grade Oil Pastel Jellyfish
an art project with jellyfish and seaweed
this is an image of three jelly fish
Exploring Depth in the Depths with a Porthole Window
an image of jellyfish in different colors on black paper with chalk pastel markers
Jelly Fish
a painting of jellyfish and seaweed on a green, blue, purple, yellow and pink background
Die Drittklässler machen eine fantastische Reise unter Wasser - Gerhart-Hauptmann-Grundschule Grünheide (Mark)
an image of two fish in the water on a rock and stone wall hanging ornament
there are fish on the blue plate and some rocks in the water under it,
four seahorses made out of construction paper on a blue background
Meerestiere basteln mit Kindern - 40+ DIY-Ideen & Anregungen
several paintings are hanging on the wall with bubbles and fish in them, as well as water bubbles