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a group of people standing next to each other with their arms in the air and hands up
I LEGITAMATELY DO THIS EXACT THING ALLLLL THE TIME <--- This is the story of a fansie's life.
a quote that says if you stand nothing but fall for? on a blue background
it's bart's moon party from outer space!
three women sitting on a bench with books and papers in their hands, one reading
A Disney artist imagines Wicked as an animated film
a man jumping up in the air with a tennis racquet on his hand
Newsies- Seize the Day by stagedoormerch
a poem with flowers on it and the words edelweiss written in blue
Edelweiss, a Beautiful, Illustrated Song
edelweiss w guitar chords
the pinkie pony saying it's not okay to be able to do something
My Little Brony
a painting with the words da da da da da da da da da da da da da
And when push comes to shove... I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love!
a portrait of george washington with the words dying is easy, living is harder on it
- George Washington || timetravelings: hamilton + art #musical #lyrics
a painting with the words i'm just like my country, i'm young, scrappy and hungry
f*ck yeah, lmm!
theatrearthistory:Alonzo Chappel, Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804) in the Uniform of the New York Artillery / “Not Giving Away My Shot,” Hamilton (2015)
an image of a man wearing sunglasses with the words i am not throwing away my shot
AL-EX-AND-ER we are meant to be #Hamilton #musical
the theatre kid problem 698 getting dramatic on closing night by theater kid problems,
Teeth bonding
[ theatre kid problems ]
the text reads theatre kid problem 534 constantly quoteing your show, even around people who have no idea what you're talking about
I'm not done being my character. She is a part of me just as I am of her. I feel like I just met her earlier I don't want her to leave!
the theatre kid problem 2 / 70 i feel a song coming on
Every hour, every minute, every second, every day. It's not really a problem for me as much as it is for my friends who fear I might burst out into song...haha...
a green background with the words, you know you're a theatre kid when you're learning about gravity in physics and all that's going through your mind
After a couple of days of it, you swear you're going insane... In the best possible way, of course.