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an ad for lemon spread on bread with oranges
Soft Water
vintage food ads | am in advertising from the 1960s vintage ads vintage food advertising ...
a poster with grapes and bread next to a can of grapeade on a plate
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Welch's Grapelade Jelly Jam Vintage 1920s
an advertisement for apricot and jams from the early 20th century
Vintage Ads
Vintage Ann Page Jams Advertisement
an advertisement for homemade strawberry jam on a pink background
Retro Food 7
three young men in suits standing next to each other on the side of the street
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The Jam in San Francisco’s Chinatown, 1977
two cats are sitting on a bench and one cat is standing next to the box
25 Vintage Cats And Dogs Dressed As People
Apparently there was a guy named Harry Whittier Frees that would take horrifyingly cute picture of animals dressed up as people for children's books.
an old advertisement for jams from the 1950's, featuring a slice of pie
Pardon Our Interruption...
1940s vintage PINK Wonder Pie KNOX GELATINE Jelly Jar Jam KITCHEN Food Retro AD