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a close up of a wooden object with rocks in it's center and an insect crawling out of the wood
Treibholz/Schwemmholz Bild mit Fluss-Steinen
some pictures are hanging on a wall and there is a driftwood stick attached to it
DIY Tutorial Driftwood Crafts / DIY Driftwood Photo Display - Bead&Cord
DIY Driftwood Crafts : DIY Driftwood Photo Display. With some woods, make this cool wall art!
the marvelous me poster is shown in different colors and font, as well as an image of
Journaling and Goals!
Get to Know You Game!! Do this with music related questions.
the 12 things happy people do differently
Stephen Covey ...12 Things Happy People Do Differently!
a white card with pictures of people in the center and words that read, the photographer's
My Makeshift Family Photo
Family tree -- grandparents in center, children on middle row, grandchildren on outer row. Great idea!