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an apple charger and power strip sitting on top of a pink flowered bag
Handtaschen -
Endlich kein Kabelsalat mehr in der Tasche. Eine praktische Tasche für alle, die Ordnung ins Kabelchaos bringen wollen. Das Gummiband ist flexibel und kann gut **fett**4 kurze...
an image of a cup and saucer in the shape of a ducky bag
l'école est finie !!!! - mes petites créations
two first aid kits sitting on top of a wooden table
two purses sitting next to each other with red crosses on them and blue gingham
Meine kleine Reiseapotheke...
kleine fluchten: Meine kleine Reiseapotheke...
Upcycling, Pouch Diy, Diy Bags Purses, Tuto Couture Facile, Tuto Couture, Couture Facile
Avec des chutes de tissu éponge : housse de savonnette - CosIadoru
a red and white box with a teapot on it
Scatolina porta tè #19
Chichi's Scrap: Scatolina porta tè #19
a piece of art that is made out of string and yarn on a blue surface
How to make a Tree of Life with rope
a wall hanging with a tree made out of different colored yarns and beads on it
Wild Luna Creations Tree of Life
a rope wreath with purple flowers on it next to a ruler and measuring tape,
Braided Rope Spring Wreath
Leather Craft, Leather Working, Leather Diy, Leather Projects, Hip Bag Pattern, Holster, Sewing Bag
New Corset Patterns On Their Way! VIP Discount List
a rock with writing on it and a cartoon character painted on the rocks next to it
Steine | MaLEOla