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a cat sitting on top of a wooden chair with the caption, my cat literally thinks i can't see him and jumps at me when i walk by
A Bunch of Memes for a Nice, Peaceful Time
a cat sitting on the floor and pointing at it's own hand with caption that reads, when you try to dislipine your cat
I never realized how small leopards are compared to lions until I saw this
This dog has the most wolf-like features!
He’s off to an important meeting
two pictures of a dog on the ground with caption that reads, i feed some crickets yesterday and suddenly something in his lizard brain glithed and he sat like
two pictures of cows wearing funny hats and one has a fake cow in the background
a dog that is standing next to a person with his feet up on the ground
the cat is being petted by someone who is holding it in their hand with both hands
Weekly Treat of Cat Memes for Feline Fanatics (November 29, 2023)