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the yarns are interlocked, the tails worked in, the excess of the tails remains on the fabric back
BACK to the back join
TECHknitting: BACK to the back join
a man sitting in front of a shelf filled with yarn
Stephen West on Instagram: “Weave in your ends as you go for all of your striped Westknits projects like Fantastitch and Painting Bricks Shawl. This technique looks…”
a multicolored crochet pattern is shown in the shape of a circle
Smoothed circles: a jogless join for single rounds in different colors
TECHknitting: Smoothed circles: a jogless join for single rounds in different colors
a blue knitted sweater hanging on a wooden hanger next to a piece of wood
Knit 1 Purl 1 Rib Neckband for a V-neckline
someone is knitting something on the floor with scissors and yarn in front of them,
Knitting a Bind Off With Stretch
crocheted hedge stuffed animal made with free pattern and instructions to make it look like a hedge
Amigurumi Hedgehog Free Pattern
Amigurumi Hedgehog Free Pattern
a person with their back turned to the camera, holding his hand on his hip
How to stop your knitted hem from flipping up. — The Craft Sessions
Terrible photo but it's all I have. The hem flipping was extreme. It flared out like a penguin flipper in Mary Poppins.
a knitted green hat with the words k2tool written in white on it
A variety of left-leaning decreases
many different types of knitted mitts are shown
Sock Heel Patterns Glossary
Sock Heel Patterns Glossary – Curls and Q
the welcome sign for yarn quest knitting r & g, with an image of a dragon on it
Storied Yarns - A Yarn Quest Knitting RPG
Welcome to Yarn Quest, where a grand knitting adventure awaits!
how to knit herringbone stitch with wool and the gang - step by step instructions
Herringbone stitch by Wool and the Gang