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a man holding two small red berries in his left hand while wearing a cowboy hat
Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee
a person is holding out their hands full of cranberries
Coffee beans from Finca El Pintado-Antigua, Guatemala's only organic & rainforest certified coffee farm & Cultiva Tours partner
an apple on a branch with white flowers
coffee beans are arranged in rows and lined up on a sheet of paper with words written below them
Roasted Coffee Beans
different types of beans
several tomatoes are lined up in a row on a stone ledge, with grass growing between them
HonestDocs: Info Kesehatan, Tanya Dokter, Pengiriman Obat | HonestDocs
#coffee #káva #cafe
the coffee beans are growing on the tree
Kona coffee cherries III by Yves Rubin
Kona coffee cherries.... Still not as good as Dunkin Donuts!! Especially at $23 a pound!! Hahahaha
many different pictures of berries on the tree
Coffee Embassy z.s.
#káva #coffee #cafe
an apple and two pieces of fruit labeled with names
Die Kaffeebohne!#Kaffee #Kaffeebohne
four different types of coffee beans on a white background with the words liberica, robusta, and arabic
A R O M A D I C A F F É . Conocer las propiedades botánicas del café; es parte esencial de todo #Barista. La variedad #Arabica se cosecha en Venezuela desde los 400 msnm hasta los 1500 msnm. . Esta variabilidad en los pisos de cosechas le otorga facultades únicas al cafeto. Dando origen a sabores y aromas distintivos según la región y altitud donde se coseche. . . #CulturaDelCafé en #AromaDiCaffé... . . #AromaDiCaffé#MomentosAroma#SaboresAroma#Café#Caracas#Tostado#Coffee#CoffeeTime#CoffeeBr
four different types of fruit are arranged in a row on the ground, including apples and plums
Did you know that #coffee growing temperature is far more important to coffee quality than elevation? Consider this: when coffee grows slowly it leads to slower photosynthesis that allows plants to metabolize nutrients more gradually and hence produce more nuance in the cup. The length of time it takes for coffees to mature depends on the growing temperature which is influenced by #latitude AND #altitude. The cooler the temperature the longer the maturing season the stronger correlation to...