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a girl in a pink dress standing on a dirt road with her arms outstretched
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. Embrace joy. Embrace love. Embrace nature. Never accept all this wonder is an accident not involving a grand designer. Reject cynicism and bad attitude. It's poison to our souls. They were designed for love, joy, wonder, charity, leading to eternal life. Eternal joy. Eternal love. Dance for eternity. This life is but a sample of heaven and hell so we know which we like better.
the instructions for how to use an ocean bottle
Take the ocean with you with this fun DIY Moana Ocean In a Bottle craft. Bring Moana home to your family today on Digital and Blu-ray Mar 7.
the first born poster is shown in blue and purple with stars above it, as well as
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
I'm a first born. And that description is very accurate, though not completely.
an info sheet showing the different colors of diamonds in each diamond shape, and how they are
What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?
Did you know that colors are known to go along with certain feelings and qualities? Have you ever thought about what your favorite color says about your persona
an animation strip showing the different stages of life in cartoon characters and their environments
Amazing Superheros Jokes
Oh my god, the Freddie Kruger and Wolverine one!
a comic strip with deadpooly and the man in red is riding on a horse
No matter your sexual orientation, you're always attracted to Thor.
Leeeroooyyy Jenkins! Oh, Deadpool!
the green lantern is being watched by a man
Green lantern deadpool!?