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pictures of dancers taken with long exposure on my god's face and captioning memes
Just another early morning dump
an old tree stump sitting in the middle of a field
FunSubstance - Funny pics, memes and trending stories
a woman dressed in black and gold holding an arrow
All Ocs :D - Supernatural Oc!(Grim^^(
a poem written in front of a gate with the caption i was walking home last night and decided to take a short cut through the cemetery
29 Amusing Memes And Tweets That Exist Purely For The LOLs
four different pictures with the same caption for each one, including an image of two men
21 'Murican Memes & Posts That *Anyone* Can Laugh At
an article about the history of men who lived in ancient egypt and did you know?
20 interesting facts
an old book page with the caption in red and black text, which reads
I just wonder.. which could have been the man's choice - Relationship
an image of some skeletons and bones on the ground with caption about them in english
What are some cool psychological hacks
an image of two people jumping in the air with one person on top of another
Top Ten Tumblr Posts Of The Day (February 11, 2020)