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an empty street in front of a building with a glass roof on it's side
Yugawara Station Square湯河原駅前広場 Kanagawa, Japan 2017.10 1,389.40 m2 We planned the station building as an intermediate area like engawa, which connects railroad and town. Half-open, the engawa is not complete architecturally, and I thought that the station building should be like that, too. Yugawara is one of Japan’s most famous hot springs, but unlike other resorts such as Hakone or Atami, there is no tall building in Yugawara, and is rather an assembly of small inns and it feels more human. We
the front and back pages of an architectural project
Awesome Metal Facades You Need to See » Engineering Basic
people walking in front of a building that has glass walls on the side and stairs leading up to it
Interview: Melbourne-Based Architect Kerstin Thompson.
an office building with many windows on the front and side of it at night time
M3A2 Cultural and Community Tower / Antonini + Darmon Architectes
an entrance to a modern house with white walls
Meadowbrook Residence – Minimalissimo
a large white box sitting on the side of a road next to a tree and bushes
Minimalist Studio Home for Two Young Architects
an image of a building that is made out of wood and has light coming from the windows
Midwest Modern Architecture in Michigan
the walkway is lined with circular holes and metal grates on both sides, along with glass windows
a tall building with lots of shelves on top of it's sides and people in the background
Peter Zumthor, edíficios e projectos 1986-2007
there are two metal racks on top of each other in the room with no doors
a black and white photo of an abstract building
Windows And Doors, Doors Interior, Interior And Exterior, Windows & Doors, Door Detail, Door Design, Dining Room Inspiration
Versatile Dining Room Inspirations That Fit a Modern Decor
a large metal structure sitting on the side of a road next to a parking lot
aube acianov creation tole perforee decorative3