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the text is in black and white, but it appears to be an old - fashioned poem
the secret history donna tartt
a quote from the book, forget me for all the things i did but mostly for the ones that i did not
the secret history donna tartt
oscar wilde quote about being afraid to be in the movie, you will always be fonded off me i represent to you all the sin
a quote from edward munch about growing flowers
I will always re pin this
a quote from fyodor dostevsky about blood and the blood steadly
Life with an Empath during a war.
there is a quote from suzanne sanlon on women
a quote by fyodor dostoevsky on the topic of love
an image of a quote about giving in to destruction with the caption'the relief of giving in to destruction '
a poem written in black and white with the words'i dream of massacres / i am a garden of black and red agonies - syya path from three women, winter trees
a quote from the book of delights by charles lispector, jr
an advertisement with the words, she seems strange, pretty, pale, immortal and mystical
a quote from leo tolsky on democracy