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an eagle tattoo on the right arm and leg with black ink, showing it's head
Tätowierungsideen (Tätowierungsideen) | Twitter - Today Pin
Tätowierungsideen (Tätowierungsideen) | Twitter - - #tattooideen
a man's arm with an eagle wearing a hat and holding a bird in his hand
TopTatuagens (@toptatuagens_) • Instagram photos and videos
a man's arm with a black and grey tattoo of an eagle on it
Vogel Tattoo für Frauen und Männer - 50 Ideen, Vorlagen & Bedeutung
Vogel Tattoo 3D Adler Kopf auf dem Unterarm
a black and white photo of a lion with green eyes
Face of a king!
a lion with its mouth open showing teeth
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Lion - no, you listen to me: Photo by Photographer Philip Carlo Jorgensen
a black and white photo of a wolf with its mouth open in the dark night
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Another great reference to capture the world's vision on wolves.
a drawing of a tiger with its mouth open and dripping water from it's mouth
▷ 1001 ultra coole Tiger Tattoo Ideen zur Inspiration
schwarz weiße zeichnung, tiger, tattoovorlage, vorlage
a lion roaring its teeth with the word roar written on it
Courage of a Lion: Believing in Yourself and Your Dreams
Yes! I'm "de Leon"!!!!
a close up of a cat with its mouth open
Zähne zeigen, Tiger!
Der Sibirische Tiger ist vom Aussterben bedroht, die Bestände erholen sich nur langsam. Gab es in den 1930er Jahren nur noch zwischen 20 und 30 Tiere, sind es heute wieder etwa 360.
a drawing of a lion with its mouth open
(notitle) – Susi Ruwoldt
a cross with three crosses on it and the word cx written in black ink
Clip Art Icons, Inline images
In the most basic form. Thinking black outlining with the inside part shadowed/filled with white ink?
a black and white drawing of a hand holding something in it's right hand
An instruction of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) evidences the traditional practice of the Catholic Church: "The sign of the cross is made with three fingers, because the signing is done together with the invocation of the Trinity ... This is how it is done: from above to below, and from the right to the left, because Christ descended from the heavens to the earth, and from the Jews (right) He passed to the Gentiles (left)."