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there is a sign that has been altered to say it's now open and maybe lake park
Canton, Ohio Vintage Picture Collector
an old newspaper advertises the dance under the stars, which is now on display
a red brick building with an american flag on it's front porch and stairs
Akron-Canton Ohio Museums & Hall of Fame Attractions
a large brick house with an american flag on it's front porch and two flags hanging from the roof
National Register of Historic Places listings in Stark County, Ohio - Wikipedia
an airport control tower with the words cak aaron - canton on it
Akron-Canton Airport (CAK)
an image of the cover of a book with images of factory workers working in machines
Hampden-Dueber Watch Company: History, Serial Numbers, Production Dates
a house that is lit up at night with lights in the front yard and landscaping around it
Winery Resort | Canton, OH | Gervasi Vineyard
a fountain in the middle of a mall with palm trees hanging from it's ceiling
Belden Village Mall, Canton, Ohio
the interior of an old theater with blue lights and clouds above it on a cloudy day
Palace Theatre — Canton, Ohio
a collage of photos with the words fun things to do in carlton, oh
Fun things to Do in Canton - Adventure Mom
an old postcard with some writing on the front and back of it, in black and white
an old black and white photo of a shoe store with no shoes on the front