Summer fun!

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flowers are being made with felt and glue to make a flower centerpiece for the table
Fun and Simple Birthday Party Decorations for Your Next Bash
some birds are standing on the beach by the water
NEW SIZE Sanderling Art Beach Painting Beach House Plaque Sandpipers Coastal Decor Vertical Wall Art Whitewash Finish - Etsy
the process to make dandelion flowers with acrylic paint on canvases
Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea
Fingerprint Dandelion Craft + Card Idea for Kids to Make! |
the tweez ketchup bottles are all different colors
Homemade Paint | How to Make Puffy Sparkle Paint - TinkerLab
Paint for kids 1 cup of salt 1 cup of flour food coloring and that's it
the process for making heart shaped cookies is shown
Salt Dough Footprint Heart
Salt Dough Footprints Heart Tutorial...great gift idea for any occasion!
the process for making snowflakes is to make them look like they have been made out
Salt Fireworks Craft for Kids
Salt Fireworks Craft for Kids - Fun 4th of July craft or Memorial Day art project