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a woman standing next to a tree with her hair blowing in the wind and looking down
How To Live Like A Fairy - Pictorial
a woman with long hair and a skull on her head
a woman sitting on the floor in front of a window with a hat on her head
a woman in white dress walking through a forest
Victoria, Timeless Photography, Old Portraits, Victorian Photography, Victorian Photos
50 Important Historical Photos That Might Change Your Perspective On Things, As Shared By This Facebook Page
a black and white photo of a woman bending over
More Than Ideas ~so many fragile things~
an old black and white photo of two women
A Study in Contrasts
an old stone house surrounded by lush green grass and flowers in the foreground, with a wooden gate leading to it
an old black and white photo of a woman sitting on a window sill looking out the window
a black and white photo of a statue's head with its eyes closed to the side
Statue Detail V, Il Cimitero Monumentale, Verona
an angel statue is shown in black and white
now-here: Photo