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artificial grass in the middle of a courtyard
Exceledge has supplied aluminium AluExcel landscape edging and pre-formed its HiGrade CorTen steel landscape edging to provide bespoke profiles between paving, synthetic turf, planting and play areas at the new Endeavour Primary School development in Andover, Hampshire. #landscapearchitecture
a man sitting on top of a wooden bench in the middle of a field with grass
Tips And Hints On Landscpaing Your Own Garden - House Garden Landscape
Najlepiej zaprojektowana przestrzeń publiczna w Polsce #urbanlandscapearchitecture
leaves are on the ground with black tiles
wood floor
an outdoor garden with green plants growing on the sides of concrete walls and trees in the background
Spectacular Garden Takes Advantage Of The Sloping Californian Topography #landscapearchitecture
a wooden bench sitting next to a tree on top of a white tile flooring
Erkältungszeit. Da schadet ein wenig Wärme um den Hals ganz sicher nicht. Wenn... - Diy Selbermachen
Bereich um die Eiche umbauen #bereich #eiche #terracedesignideas #umbauen
an artist's rendering of people sitting on benches in front of a building with balconies
Ergebnis: Wohnbebauung Bugenhagenstraße...competitionline
1. Preis: Perspektive Hof Riebeck-Stiftung-Halle
an aerial view of a green field with buildings and cars parked on the side of it Architekturführer - Film, Kunst & Kultur: Bücher: Studium & Ausbildung, Methoden & Materialien und mehr
there are three different views of the same lake
Standing in water, without getting wet
a brick wall with several different types of bricks on it and one is falling down
psu landscape architecture #landscapingarchitecture
this is an image of a house on a hill with stairs leading up to it
50 Ideen für Gartentreppe selber bauen – leichter Zugang und schönes Aussehen
schöne gartengestaltung mit gartentreppe
a large grassy field with steps leading up to it
“Nothing is more pleasant to the eye than green grass kept finely shorn” - FRANCIS BACON -
several people are standing on concrete steps in the water Architekturführer - Film, Kunst & Kultur: Bücher: Studium & Ausbildung, Methoden & Materialien und mehr
Philip Johnson’s public water garden, Fort Worth, Texas in National Geographic, April 1980. Click to earge and visit the boards >>
stepping stones are lined up along the edge of a water feature in a garden area
Pool im Garten oder im Haus bauen – 110 Bilder von Schwimmbecken
Garten Gestaltung Ideen Steinweg Rasen Schwimmbad Flusssteine
an aerial view of the ocean and its surrounding shoreline, with two different views of it
The infinite bridge by Gjøde & Povlsgaard arkitekter