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The automotive aftermarket industry has been around for almost as long as cars themselves. Share your products here, and only add retailers or manufaturers…
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OPTIMA Digital 400 vs D400+
We’ll explain the differences between OPTIMA’s Digital 400 and D400+ battery chargers & maintainers
Happy Hot Wheels Day! 🔥🚗
From the Tower of Horsepower, Wall of Wheels, and Multilevel Motor Mansion - the K&N Hot Wheels collections are strong in our office! Do you have any of the K&N Hot Wheels in your collection?
How long do car batteries last?
There is no singular answer to how long car batteries last, but we can give you some insight on factors that will impact battery lifespan
a black and red air filter with the words dryflow high - flow on it
K&N High-Flow and Dry-Flow Filters!
K&N High-Flow or K&N Dryflow? 👀 Pick one and tell us why 🔽 💬
K&N Cars & Coffee Texas 2024
K&N Cars & Coffee Texas brought in a Texas-sized turnout with a kaleidoscope of builds, showcasing the diversity of the auto enthusiast community! Thank you so much for the support – the positivity and passion for all things automotive fuels our drive 🧡❤️ Stay tuned for more info on the next K&N Cars & Coffee event being posted later this week 👀🐊 Watch till the end. If you were there then you know🥲
International Women's Day 2024
INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2024 🧡❤️ K&N celebrates the phenomenal women drivers and the brilliant minds behind the K&N brand this International Women's Day. This is just a small snippet of so many powerhouse women we are proud to support on the road and behind the scenes. Here's to breaking barriers, accelerating dreams, and leaving a trail of inspiration!
Mini with Yamaha R1 motor topped with K&N filters
This Mini sings sweetly with its Yamaha R1 motor topped with K&N filters!🤩 Wider stance, cage for safety, buckets for cornering, & Lexan widows to make a lightweight car even lighter. Power to weight goes crazy on this absolute drivers car.
K&N Cabin Air Filter for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator
Satisfying install sounds 😊👂 It takes just a few minutes to keep your ride smelling A1 for life with a K&N Cabin Air Filter 🤝 🔢 K&N Cabin Filter shown: # VF2064 for ‘18+ Jeep Wrangler JL models
Your old car battery is worth 💰
Your old #carbattery is worth 💵! Many auto parts stores will charge a core fee if you don’t return an old battery when buying a new one & may also offer store credit for extra batteries. Some recyclers pay 💰 for old batteries. Find one near you:
K&N Cold Air intake in the Ford F-150 Raptor gives 21+ horsepower gains
K&N intakes are custom-designed for your vehicle - It takes an easy install of less than an hour for a lifetime of power gains. 💪🐎 🔢 K&N Intake shown: # 77-2617KC 🚀 Gains: +21.44 HP & +20.65 TQ
K&N Ford Bronco Raptor Intake System & Charge Pipe - Bronco Raptor on the Dyno
The K&N team is wrapping up R&D for the highly anticipated Bronco Raptor intake system and charge pipe! 🐎 Double down on the K&N goodies to unleash new performance levels for your Bronco Raptor when these two key players are available. Keep your eyes peeled for our launch alert when these items are released! 👀
a bunch of air filters are arranged in the shape of a bouquet with white flowers
Happy Valentine's Day from K&N - AI ChatGPT Generated Images
K&N Filters last longer than flowers ❤️💐 Enjoy these other ideas of what AI thinks a Valentine’s Day with K&N looks like! Our logo might not look quite right, but we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day whether you’re with loved ones, family, or friends.
Quick K&N air filter installation for a BMW M3
Quick K&N air filter install in the M3 🙌 A K&N air filter is one of the easiest upgrades you can make for a lifetime of benefit to your vehicle.