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Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bars
Booby Food | Janna Hattingh | Breastmilk Nutrition Expert on Instagram: "Comment “DATES” for our fav recipe? 👇🏻

A 2021 study in Breastfeeding Medicine revealed mothers who consumed 10 dates/day for one month increased their breastmilk by 11% in the first 2 weeks and 23% in week 4 compared to mothers who didn’t consume any dates. 

Dang, those are pretty significant numbers!!

What else can dates do? 

Consuming dates during late pregnancy was effective in decreasing length of labor processes and reduced the need of (synthetic) oxytocin for labor acceleration… I knowwww, I knowwww….I can hear you saying, “where was this information when I was pregnant?!” (I was 4 days late and had a 59 hour labor with my 1st and was 15 days late had a 10 hour labor with my 2nd, this hits home for

Lactation Snack Ideas

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A delicious herbal tea for increasing and enriching breastmilk supply. Drink it hot or iced, drink daily as an infusion for best results!
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Lactation Latte: 2-Pack

Lactation Drinks

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desserts on Instagram: "Viral cookie baked oatmeal 🎥 by @chaneleatsgf Follow @dessertribe for more🥐 1/2 cup gf oats 1/2 spotty extra ripe banana (the riper the better since this is used to add sweetness) 1 egg 1/4 cup milk of choice (I used light coconut milk) pinch of salt 1/4 tsp baking soda chocolate chips add all ingredients except chocolate chips to a blender & blend until smooth. pour batter into a small oven-safe baking dish + top with chocolate chips. bake at 350F for 20-25 ish minut
@eatinghealthytoday on Instagram: "👉 Follow @foodwithcory for more recipes like this! 🍌🥞 5-Ingredient Banana Oat Pancakes 👉This is perfect for a weekend morning when you don’t have too much time, but you still want a tasty breakfast! 📝Ingredients 1 large spotty-brown banana ⅔ cup rolled oats 2 eggs 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp vanilla 🧑‍🍳 Instructions 1. Add your ingredients to a blender and blend for around 25 seconds. Let batter sit in another bowl for just a few minutes. 2. Heat a lar
Healthy | Vegan | Recipe on Instagram: "Which one would you eat? 1 or 2? By @tracesoats and @wellnesswsandra 1) Chocolate baked oatmeal 𝘿𝙚𝙩𝙖𝙞𝙡𝙨: - 1/2 cup oats - 1/2 cup plant milk - 1/2 tbsp chia seeds - 1 tbsp cocoa - 1/2 - 1 tbsp maple syrup - 1/2 tsp vanilla - 1/2 tsp baking powder - pinch of salt - vegan protein protein 𝙏𝙤𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙙 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝: - chocolate - flakey salt 𝘿𝙞𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨: 1) Blend all of the ingredients together 2) Place chocolate in the center and spoon the batter

Lactation Promoting Recipes/Meals

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A set of 4 herbal lactation blends for breastfeeding and pumping mothers seeking to increase milk supply.
Milksta - Lactation Drinks & Vegan Superfoods Blends
Build-a-Bundle – Nunona

Lactation Supplements & Pre-made Foods

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The Breastfeeding Shop | Breast Pumps Through Insurance on Instagram: "Unlock the power of lactation! 🍼 Dive into our guide on the best foods for boosting milk supply and nurturing you and your little one.

#LactationPower #NourishingMoms #BreastfeedingEssentials #NewMom"
Mothers Haven | Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, & Breastfeeding on Instagram: "1️⃣2️⃣ Best Foods For Breastfeeding Mamas 🕊️ Great news! You’re not finished eating for two if you’re breastfeeding your baby! Your body generally burns around 300-500 extra calories a day while breastfeeding! 🤍 Eating a healthy and well balanced diet during your pregnancy & postpartum recovery is important! 🌟 Here’s what to aim to consume each day to ensure you’re getting what you need: ✨ Protein - aim for 3 servi
BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT on Instagram: “Many of us are deficient in essential fatty acids because they’re lacking in our diet. However it’s easy to start incorporating more…”

Breastfeeding Diet Info/Tips/Meal Planning

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Sublime® Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Longline Bra | Twilight - Kindred Bravely
The longline nursing bra of your dreams. Searching for a longline bra for nursing? We’ve got it- it’s a cooling longline nursing bra for large breasts & small breasts. This seamless maternity bra provides easy nursing access. It’s the best nursing bra, the best full-coverage nursing bra, and the best cute nursing bra!
the women's classic with a twist short sleeve pajama set has so many details to love: magnetic-fastening top, temperature-regulating fabric, and classic piping design. made from eco-friendly TENCEL™ modal, these pajamas can withstand countless washes without pilling and the color never fades. did we mention the loose,


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Mamelie - Breast Pads on Instagram: "Mamelie are the only organic nursing pads that glow in the dark and help you remember what side you last nursed on. Say 👋 to the #smartnursingpads 🤩 By @silveretteusa 😍 #happynipples"
Casey M • Lactation Counselor • Breastfeeding Support on Instagram: "These Lansinoh breast therapy packs can be used in different ways and are inexpensive! When warmed, they can be used to prepare your breasts for nursing and/or pumping by encouraging milk flow and let downs. When cooled, they can aid in relieving engorgement from weaning or help treat an area of redness/inflammation related to a mastitis infection. The shape of these therapy packs allows them to easily be wrapped around your
Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller – Gugu Guru

Breastfeeding Products

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An interview with Prof Helen Ball - SIDS, bed sharing and an anthropological look at motherhood and infancy - The Midwives' Cauldron
Breastfeeding Brand | Lindsay on Instagram: "Have you heard the old wives take that you need to pump and dump? It’s okay to enjoy a cocktail or two while breastfeeding. The alcohol in your breastmilk mimics your blood alcohol levels which is usually highest in breast milk 30-60 minutes after an alcoholic beverage is consumed, and can be generally detected in breast milk for about 2-3 hours per drink after it is consumed. (However, the length of time alcohol can be detected in breast milk wil

Health, Safety, GI, Nutrition

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Tracy Gillett, Founder of Raised Good on Instagram: "New mothers are encouraged to breastfeed but at the same time warned not to bedshare.

Breastfeeding mothers know that babies fall asleep easily at the breast, so this advice is not only impractical, but it also sets mothers up for breastfeeding failure…and it is potentially dangerous. Why?

Imagine a new mother to a two-month old baby who feels terrified of the “dangers” of bedsharing. She’s seen the ads with butcher’s knives in beds, she’s read the AAP guidelines, her mother-in-law bought her a crib and painted the baby’s room with non-toxic paint, all her friends are sleep training and she wants to do the ‘right’ thing.

She is also committed to exclusively breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months and her baby - like all babies -


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Allegra Gast, RDN, IBCLC’s Instagram post: “There are two routes to milk sharing - formal and informal. Formal is well regulated and goes through a milk bank, whereas informal is…”
Allegra Gast, RDN, IBCLC on Instagram: “When we talk about safe milk sharing we’re talking about the informal route which is Mom to mom. Since informal milk sharing is not…”

Donor Milk

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Kayla Richardson Feeding Therapist + IBCLC on Instagram: "The position
The bottle 
The flow
The technique 

Ready? Let’s go! 

I refer to this position as Elevated Side Lying. I love it because it provides baby’s body with stability and comfort, while also allowing them to be in complete control of the liquid in the bottle nipple. Parent has a clear view of baby so they can respond to cues accordingly. 

This bottle is the Evenflo Balance by @evenflofeeding. It’s easy to clean, doesn’t have a ton of parts, flow rates are appropriate, and the shape of the nipple promotes an ideal latch for good muscle function and a tight seal. 

This baby is on a slow flow nipple. I like a baby to be on a nipple flow rate that is “just right”. Not too fast. Not too slow. Some older babies might benefit fro
Veba Baby
Bridge Kit

Supplementing, Formula, Bottle Feeding

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Caitlin Wilder on Instagram: "NORMAL PUMPED MILK AMOUNTS!!!!

Please enjoy my song dedicated to normal (per the dictionary that means average/standard/expected) pump amounts. 

Per La Leche League- 

🍼 if you mostly nurse, getting .5 - 2 oz COMBINED TOTAL per pump session is normal! 

🍼 if you are an EP, getting 2.5 - 5oz COMBINED TOTAL per pump session is normal! 

You do not need to pump 10oz a session. 

You do not need to "create a stash" or fill your freezer. 

You do not need to be passively collecting milk while you nurse. 

You do not need to have an overflowing pitcher of milk in your fridge. 

(You can do these things if you want though!)

But those gosh darn influencers with their oversupply will have you feeling differently! Ignore them!

Not doing those things or not being a
Booby Food | Janna Hattingh | Breastmilk Nutrition Expert on Instagram: "The most important thing you’ll read today… share with another mama 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️

“Freezing keeps your food safe almost indefinitely” (on the BM Storage Guideline page of the CDC’s guidelines). 

Recommended storage times are for best quality - meaning - Your breastmilk doesn’t go “bad” or “expire” after 12m; it’s just not as plentiful in nutrients as freshly expressed. 

Why are you throwing out your liquid gold but keeping the 3-year-old bag of frozen peas? 

Breastmilk guidelines are in place for feeding newborns, it does not apply to your growing baby whom you made milk for.  Yes your 13 month old baby can still drink your 13 month old milk and it will co timid to benefit them!

Let’s decipher:  wh
Annabella Breast Pump US on Instagram: "The Annabella Breast Pump is changing the game. ✨ Our tongue-simulating technology simulates a baby’s natural feeding pattern, making expressing milk faster and more comfortable than ever. 🙌 

📸: @_teamrivera"

Pumping, Hand Expression, Milk Collection, & Storage

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Super Mom eBook

Despite my countless efforts trying to get an oversupply, i’ve learned that avoiding these mistakes has been the key to my success.

1. Skip night pumps

2. No longer then 3h without pumping

3. Stress/Worry about the amount you are going to pump or already pumped (This triggers oxytocin) 

4. Don’t pump with a random setting (you have to find what setting works for you) 

5. Dont limit your protein intake! 

I’ve eliminated all of these steps throughout my pumping journey and realized this is what was stopping me from getting an oversupply. 

I want to help other moms, so I have written the Super Mom eBook, where I share secrets to boosting your milk supply from personal experience!

If you’re ready to start your journe
BOOBIE* Superfoods on Instagram: "Only TWO hormones in your brain directly make milk: prolactin and oxytocin. Want more milk from Oxytocin? 1. Adding 1 Extra Feeding to your current routine will help. Even a 5-7 minute feeding from a baby who is an experienced breastfeeder will help you increase your supply. 2. Exclusive Pumpers? The same applies to you. I wrote a blog, “When is the Best Time to Pump to Increase Milk Supply?” to help moms who pump make more milk. (Click and link in our bio to learn more) 3. Go TOPLESS! If you don’t have time to sit around and do skin-to-skin because you have chores and other kids to tend to do what I did, babywear with a carrier but do it topless. Increasing OXYTOCIN has never been easier!! - Wendy Colson, RN, IBCLC, CEO/Founder of BOOBIE* Tell us you

Milk Supply

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Full Moon - Pregnancy & Nursing Bundle (6-in-1)
Kelly Kendall on Instagram: "🤯When we understand the foundations of infant feeding we can translate them to different positions and body types 👉Latching without understanding WHAT your baby’s BODY is looking for can make things feel complicated and stressful! 👉If you want to learn the foundations of latch mechanics so yon latch with ease check out Boob School 💕 Did you like nursing in bed? ❤️"
[Breastfeeding] Laid-Back Breastfeeding - Birthful

Nursing Positions

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Breastfeeding Help & eduction on Instagram: "Here’s a super quick way to double check that latch! 👇 👀 look closely at your baby’s chin! ❤️we want their chin to be lifted into the breast, and their head tipping backs slightly ✅There should be no space between babies chin and your breast, and the chin should be not be talked towards the baby’s chest! ❌A tucked chin is a sign of a shallow latch! ✨like✨this reel is latching was more tricky than you thought 🫠😳"


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Little Angel on Instagram: ""A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's." —Princess Diana💞 #positiveparentingjourney#NurturingKidsLove#KidsFeedTimeFun#lovingparentingmoments#nurtureandlove#happykidsfeedingprogram#parentingwithlove #joyfulparentingmoments#KidsLoveAndNurture #positiveparentingcommunity#babycare#naturalbabycare#organicbabycare#motherbabycare#babycaretips#mayyababycare#babycareset#babycarejogja #babycareproducts#momandbabycare#babycarestore#babycarekit#qualitybabycare#crownbabycare 🧑‍🍼❤️ Follow @littleadorangel 🌸"
How to recognize your babes early hunger signs!
Curious about your breastfed baby's growth? Check and monitor your infant's growth with our free calculator. This is based on the WHO Guidelines for children under 2. You can even save your progress for later!

Weight/Feeding Habits/Is Baby Getting Enough/Hunger Cues/Introducing Solids

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Ep 95: How the Birthing Process can Impact Infant Feeding - Aligned Birth
infantfeedingwithilayda on Instagram: First of all not every baby will bite! & if they do it’s likely to be a short lasting phase. Although it’s not very nice when it does…
Lactation Consultant on Instagram: “💦Rebirthing is a powerful practice that can act a reset for parents and babies who have experienced birth trauma, breastfeeding difficulty…”

Troubleshooting/Ties/Nursing Strikes/Teething

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Leslie, RN IBCLC, Doula | Mother Nurture Maternity on Instagram: “C Sections happen even when like me you do everything in your power to prevent one. Story time: I went to a Webster certified…”

C-section and breastfeeding

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Super Mom eBook
Deeply Latched Lactation- Ellen Docherty, IBCLC

Books/Videos/Courses/Support Groups/Consultants

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Hollie White | Starting Solids with Sunnie on Instagram: "TIPS FOR MUMS WANTING TO BREASTFEED 🤱🏼 

From a mum who breastfed up until 17-18 months and who’s currently pregnant with her second child and excited to breastfeed again.🥰

These are the things that I felt strengthened our ability to have a sucessful happy breastfeeding journey - Knowledge is power ❤️

What tips would you give an expectant mother planning to breastfeed?

#breastfeed #breastfeeding #newborn #breastfeedingtips #lactationconsultant #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingsupportgroup #breastfeedingjourney"
Crystal Nelson on Instagram: "When you think you’re at home doing nothing, think again mama. YOU ARE AMAZING!! 🤩 

Mom life / breastmilk / breastfeeding / breast pumping / pumping mom / exclusively pumping / pump pod / milk collection / milk storage / motherhood / new mom / newborn / mom club / flange size / lactation / save the milk / milk storage / postpartum / pregnancy journey"

General Breastfeeding Info/Tips

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LactationHub on Instagram: "🤯Last week this was a common occurrence 😢 Parents being told "your labs look great, everything is normal", yet a many vital pieces of the puzzle are being skimmed right over, simply because they do not cause a red ❌ change on the "normal" range. A 25ng/ml Prolactin level IS normal... for a person that is NOT lactating or NOT pregnant 😱 So what should prolactin look like when you are breastfeeding? 7 days post partum 👉100ng/ml 3 months post partum 👉100ng/ml Menstruation DID NOT begin before 180 days 👉 110ng/ml Menstruation DID begin before 180 days 👉 70ng/ml 6 months post partum 👉50ng/ml Pregnant (term) 👉200ng/ml While 25ng/ml or less may be a "normal" reference range, it is by no means normal for a lactating parent! A wonderful resource to see this all
Jessica Pumple | Pregnancy Postpartum TV on Instagram: "Any of these facts new to you? 🤔 @the.breastfeedingmama has an epic list of over 100 on her blog 🤯 I hope you enjoy this BF animation. When your baby suckles it activates nerve endings in your nipples. This stimulation signals your pituitary gland to release two crucial hormones, prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin is responsible for triggering the alveoli in your breast to draw nutrients from your bloodstream and convert them into breast
BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT on Instagram: "What is twiddling, you ask? Twiddling is when a baby or toddler reaches over to the opposite nipple that they’re feeding on and they twist, pull and maybe pinch the nipple to their heart’s content while you are slowly pushed to the brink of insanity. Older babies naturally begin to “twiddle” the other nipple and physiologically, it can help to elicit the release of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for letdown. When milk flows faster, you probab

Anatomy & Physiology

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Milky Mama® Breastfeeding Help | RN, IBCLC on Instagram: "How amazing are our bodies? Did you know this? 

Breastmilk has antibacterial and antiviral elements. Depending on how long you breastfeed, you’ll be lowering your baby’s risk of contracting colds and flu, ear and respiratory tract infections, sickness, and diarrhea. Scientists are even investigating breast milk’s potential for treating conditions ranging from conjunctivitis to cancer. 

Let’s not forget all the data out there showing the many protective elements found in breastmilk, whether your baby is currently sick or not. The bottom line is that if your baby is sick, breastmilk is one of the best ways to help them fight their illness.

If you have any questions about breastfeeding during times of illness, comment below!


Maja & Sebastian | Breastfeeding Support on Instagram: "You’re sharing your body to nourish a life, and you’re doing more than just “feeding the baby” 🤍

I am so proud of you! 

🎥: Video from mama in our community!"
Booby Food | Janna Hattingh | Breastmilk Nutrition Expert on Instagram: "20,000 women were affected by this in 2023, are you one of them? Breastfeeding of course benefits your baby, but the astounding health impacts on the mother’s health will knock your bra off. 🥥🥥 There were almost 20,000 estimated cases of Ovarian Cancer in 2023 📈 according to the American Cancer Society, and the death toll for the same year will be 12,740 women 🪦. Ovarian cancer only has a 50.8% relative survival rate, according to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. 📚 In 2022, the American Academy of Pediatrics released one of the most mind-blowing charts on how breastfeeding reduces the mother’s risk factors from diabetes to thyroid cancer and even breast cancer. 😲 By continuing to breastfeed (yes, thi


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Booby Food | Janna Hattingh | Breastmilk Nutrition Expert on Instagram: "🚨🍼 Pleeeasee….Share this with another mom! 👏🏻Your 👏🏻breastmilk👏🏻 does👏🏻 not👏🏻 expire👏🏻 after👏🏻 6-12 months! If you threw out your breastmilk during this time… I’m sooo sorry… you didn’t have to 😬 and yes, you should be mad. The CDC’s website is specific to breastmilk bottles…for babies…which are intended to serve 100% of their nutritional needs for growth in the first 6 months and 50% of their nutritional needs for growth during 6-12 months of age 👶🏽. When your baby is 12m+ they’re going to be eating a wide range of foods and won’t be relying on breastmilk for their sole source of nutrition… 🍽️ 👦🏼 The WHO recommends that babies still have 33% of their diet in the 2nd year come from breastmilk bec
BREASTFEEDING + POSTPARTUM on Instagram: “There are so many ways to use milk. I NEVER suggest mamas pump and dump. What’s the point of working so hard for the milk to just pour it…”
Other Ways To Uses For Breast Milk To Benefit Baby | Medela

Uses for breast milk

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