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Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Seasonal bundle-math & literacy pack for Kindergarten
two spanish bookmarks with pictures of children reading books and the words leer a si mismo
One Extra Degree - a teaching blog by Amanda Nickerson
The Daily Five - Spanish
an apple number match is shown with the numbers on it
Alphabet Number Match
Apple Number Match - A Dab of Glue Will Do
the writing process is displayed in front of a chalkboard with stickers on it
Writing Organization Woes Solved!
The Writing Process. - Having this in the classroom not only keep kids on track and know where they are up with their writing pieces but it serves a visual aid. They can always look up and see the writing process and if you have them pin themselves then they take accountability for their writing. Love it! (Even for the older grades)
a chalkboard with the words 5 changes i made in my classroom that saved my sanity
5 Changes That Saved My Sanity - Teaching with a Mountain View
Teaching With a Mountain View: 5 Changes That Saved My Sanity
a poster with the words, whole brain teaching chot sheets great for class teachers includes directions for turn and talk
Whole Brain Teaching "Cheat Sheet"
Whole Brain Teaching. Great for guest teachers :) ......Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-to-keep' teaching tools other fun stuff :)
a poster with words and pictures on it that say, free brain teaching rules posters
Getting Started with Whole Brain Teaching
Getting Started with Whole Brain Teaching - Download this free set of posters and learn where to find resources for Whole Brain Teaching.
a printable spanish worksheet with pictures and words to help students learn how to read
Rimas/Rhyming Mats In Spanish
This activity is a great way to helps kids identify rhyming sounds. Students will find the 3 picture cards that rhyme with the picture on the mat. Included are 20 rhyming mats. To use this activity, print and laminate the mats and sorting cards. Have your students sort the cards and match them with the correct rhyming words.
tax deductions for teachers poster with instructions on how to use them in the classroom
What can teachers claim on tax?
Tax Deductions for teachers v7---