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a necklace with an ornate design on it and two pendants hanging from the neck
This beautiful macrame necklace with a faceted labradorite and brass beads has been formed yesterday and it's surprisingly now on the way…
an assortment of jewelry is displayed on a piece of wood with other items around it
♡Tiger Eye pendant & earrings♡
a blue beaded necklace with an intricate design on the front and back side, hanging from a cord
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Фотографии Бусики-марфусики (плетёные украшения Иркутск) – 4 альбома
a necklace with a tree in the middle and beads around it on a white surface
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macrame makramee kette charm mandala hippie bronze
a white necklace with an oval shaped stone and beads hanging from it's sides
a woman wearing a blue and gold necklace with a feather charm hanging from it's center
a woman wearing a brown necklace with a green beaded pendant on it's neck
Macrame jewelry | Etsy
Macrame jewelry | Etsy
a brown necklace and earring set on top of a wooden table
a necklace made out of rope and beads with a green stone in the center on a brown background
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Makramee-Halskette handgemachte Baum Zweige von OuiClementine
a necklace is hanging from a rope on a wooden surface with an animal's head in the center
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Margarete Lace Necklace
a person is holding a necklace with an opal stone in it's center
レインボームーンストーン マクラメ ネックレス | Yuji macrame creations
the necklace is adorned with beads, feathers and other jewelry items on a white surface
a necklace and earring made out of beads on a wooden table with a cord
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Macrame pendant Elavy Blue one. Agate, Swarovski pearls, glass beads, wax cord. Pendant size 4,5x7,5 centimeters. Cord lenght is 66 centimeter, you can make it shorter with sliding clasp.