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two dogs on a boat with the words how to train a boat dog in front of them
How to train a boat dog for sailing
Wonder how to train your dog to live on a sailboat? Check out tips from these 3 sailing families on sailing with a dog. #sailboat #sailing #liveaboard #boating #boat #dogs
the inside of a boat with wood flooring and green couches on it's sides
Sailboat Interior
Sailboat Interior
a cell phone sitting on top of a counter next to a charger and plugged in
Communications While Offshore Sailing - Out Chasing Stars
A detailed breakdown of what it costs to communicate with the world while out at sea. We use a tracker, a sat phone, and VHF. OutChasingStars.com
a diagram showing how to make a sail boat
a blue and white poster with instructions on how to build a sailboat in the water
Captains CLUB
The Beaufort Scale is a measure of wind pressure and sea state that was developed by Admiral Beaufort of the British Navy.
a sailboat with the words how to live with no refrigeration on a sailboat
14 Things Nobody Tells You About Living on a Boat
Are you debating whether or not to put a refrigerator on your sailboat? Here's how we've survived over two years with no fridge on our liveaboard boat. #sailing #sailboat #boating #boatlife #liveaboard
a sailboat in the ocean with a quote about boat rules that reads, we live by
Boat Rules We Live By - It's A Necessity
Living on a boat is hard to explain, they require their own set of rules. Here are a few we LIVE BY. | sailing | sailboat | liveaboard | boat rules | sailboat living | boating | boating made easy | rules of boating | life on a boat | boat life | sailing with kids |
11 gifts for sailors and nautical lovers Gifts For Sailors, Gifts For Travelers, Travel Gifts, Sailing Gear, Sailing Outfit, Boating License, Sailor
Gifts for Travelers and Nautical Lovers Sailing Chance
11 gifts for sailors and nautical lovers
a woman sitting on the deck of a boat with text overlay that reads, aft or centre cockpit?
Is a Center Cockpit Sailboat as Practical as an Aft Cockpit Sailboat?
If you preferred a tiller-steered #yacht, than a #centercockpit boat is not for you, but there's no doubt that a #centrecockpit does allow for a one large or two smaller sleeping cabins right aft. These are great for in harbour or at anchor, but uninhabitable in a boisterous sea.
the sailboat is tied up at the dock