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DIY Dollar Tree Chicken Coop Chicken Nesting House | chicken coop, chicken meat | This chicken coop or nesting house turned out so cute and fun. It was pretty simple to put together. I was able to using almost all Dollar Tree items to... | By The Celebration Co. | Hello y'all. Good morning. It's Kayla with The Celebration Company. Y'all I hope you're having a great day. Um today is auction day. Yay. I'm so excited. We have so many wonderful things to auction off today. Um and the auction is going to be tonight at 8 PM. Um so Eastern Time. Okay? So stay tuned for that. Also stay tuned for Um more information, okay? More information will be coming out today about the auction as well as what we're going to be auctioning off, okay? So, you'll get to see everything that's going to be auctioned off but for now, I'm really excited to make. We're going to do some chicken nesting houses or just I don't know if it should be plural or not. I don't know but I saw so idea on Pinterest and thought it was super duper cute. So we're going to do one and all the supplies for the most part come from the Dollar Tree. We're going to be using these crates that you can find at Dollar Tree. I went ahead and stained them so that y'all you know just to kind of it kind of gets boring just sitting there watching me stain. So went ahead and did that. But let me see who's on today. Um first and then we'll hop into it. Also I want to show you what we did last night. Um as well because it held up overnight. And that I was happy about. Um so hang on just a second. Alright. Hey Annie. Good morning. Hello Alexandra. Hey Tina and Christine. Hi Sheryl. Hey LaDonna and Sandy. Hey Amy. Hi Alyssa and Brenda. Hey Tina Ballinger. Hi Bobby. Hey Angela. Hey Mary Lou. Hi Sue and Theresa and Lori Baker. Mary Beth Baulkner. Hello. Hey Anne and Lisa and Linda Johnson. Hey Sandy. Hi Caroline. Hey Mary and Terry, Michelle, Paula, Caroline, Lynn, Diane, Jessica, Melody, Stephanie. Um Charlene. I did not design this shirt. No I did not design this shirt Charlene. Hey Cathy. Y'all hello. Good morning to all of you. I'm so glad to have all of you on this morning. Let's jump into it. Okay? I did not plug in my glue gun though. So need to do that. Y'all I got me some coffee this morning. Some iced coffee and I'm trying something different. So I y'all know I have a sugar addiction. Okay? A major sugar addiction. Um but the other night I woke up with a really bad headache. Mom thinks it was a migraine. Um it was very bad. I've never had a headache that bad. Um so anyways I I have just been eating so terrible. Like so terrible. So I'm like okay. I gotta try something different. I do not like so sweeteners are are not good for you so I'm I don't really want to you know use sweeteners. I don't mind the taste of Splenda but it's not good for you at all. So and I don't like stevia in my coffee. It tastes terrible. Uh so this is coconut sugar. Which is definitely better for you than sugar. Okay so I put coconut sugar in my coffee today. Um Y'all tell me what you think about coconut sugar. Have you tried coconut sugar before? It is apparently very low on the glycemic index and much better for your gut than sugar is. So it's really good though. It tastes really good. So that's what I'm drinking in my iced coffee today. Anyway. Total side note. Okay so we have six of the crates. I've got six of You can do however many you wanted to like if you wanted to do eight or nine and make it more long than tall, however you want to do it but we're going to do six today. It does not taste like coconut, Diane. No. I have Marie tried adding liquid sweetener like stevia, liquid stevia drops and I don't like it in my coffee. I don't mind it like I I put it in lemonade sometime if I make like fresh lemonade. I like it in that for some reason but I do not like it in coffee at all. Um Candy says she likes coconut sugar in her coffee. Monk fruit. I I have been wanting to try monk fruit. I need to go to I I want to go to Whole Foods because they have a monk fruit sweetener that is supposed to be really good but I haven't been yet. Um the one the all the monk fruit at Kroger has urithritol in it. And I wanted one that didn't have that. Um it does have a little bit. Yeah Candy said it has a caramel taste. It does a little of caramelly taste to it. Yes Debbie. Mom actually will not drink MSG because it gives her headaches. Okay. So what the I know that what the coconut sugar it's not actually made from the coconut fruit. So that's why it doesn't taste like coconut. It's it's made like from oh Becky does not like monk fruit. It's made I think from like the sap or something. Something like that that comes off the tree. Um it's it's kind of like crisp or something. I think it's kind of like that. Now I could be completely wrong. Um but I know it's not made from the fruit. Okay so it does not taste like coconut. Okay so we got six of our crates. I've got some metals, some aluminum from a cookie sheet. I've got two five gallon stir sticks. Okay so this is the one item that is not from Dollar Tree. Then I have this little sign here. This tall little sign Um it is about 12 inches or so. Oh first, let me tell y'all. Yeah, about 12 inches. Let me show y'all my thing. Angie says no sugar in her coffee. I can drink black. Well She she puts oh she puts hazelnut cream. So the creamer you're using is sweetened. Okay. So see. Okay. So let me show you though. Uh let me show you. So if y'all missed it I get so much joy from that. Okay. Dollar Tree. We made this using Dollar Tree items yesterday. Um including the lazy Susan. But I went ahead and filled it the rest of the way up. I still have an empty space over here. So I want to get another one of these little shelves. I'm going to do that today. But And I might get something to replace this right now. I have this just kind of sitting here. It's got my lotion and my chopsticks and and lipsticks and stuff in there. Um but so it you can see it held up. It stayed together overnight. Um when I came up here it was still together. But you can see it's leaning just a little. And it was doing last night too. I honestly think it might have more to do with the fact that I did not get the top one on properly. Um For some reason things just went oops sorry y'all. Things just went like dark on the screen. Um I didn't get these two put together very well. I almost want to take it off and redo it. But anyways so On this side, okay, I've got the little round hook right here. It's round and it's metal. So, I've got all my scissors in here and then, these are just regular hooks and I've got my ruler and my wire cutters and then, my paint scraper and then over here, I've got my lighter and my hairbrush y'all do you hear the tornado sirens? They just keep going on and on. I feel like they've been going on for five minutes now. Um we're not having a tornado. They're just testing them. But so then all my paint brushes right here. And then over here I've got these little shelves and I got my popsicle sticks here and my hot glue sticks here. Then I've got the little y'all these have been I never use these because they're always so hidden away. Um and they're hard find because they're in those bins that were on my desk where now they're easier to get to. They're just right there. So we've got that and then the little finger protectors as well. I just set my knife just right here because I don't know how to hang it up. Um So, the lazy Susan is made, yes, with pie pans. Okay, pie pans. So, and marbles. Pie pans and marbles. There's two pie pans. So, one of the pie pans are glued to the bottom of this round disc from the Dollar Tree. Yes, Pam. They would. I haven't taken care of that yet. I think I'm going to use instead zip ties. I think I'm going to grab some zip ties today. I think I'm going to do that instead of putting something on the side but we did talk about gluing on the side here. Um Oh my goodness Angie. Can okay okay so then on this side I put the two little shelves up here and I just set all my sanding stuff here so I've got my file is up here my wire brushes a sanding blocks some sand paper and then here has like my glue stick and tapes glue dots things like that here and then I hung up right here my little thing that Lee Davis sent to me that I used to get the Top Pop, the Gorilla Glue and then, I also put on the same hook, the little scraper thing from the Dollar Tree and then, all of my pins, I also have in here the needle or the bead threaders in here as well. Tissues, I put my little spray bottle and my gorilla glue over here. So, I still, like I said, I'm going, I'll show you after I get more stuff but I'm going to put another shelf in here somewhere I think. So I'm going to get one or two more things for this side. But I think I'm happy with this side. I think I'm happy with it and everything's so easy to get to. So easy to get to y'all. Okay. So anyways, wanted to show you that. Alright, now that my hot glue gun's warmed up, we're going to go ahead and get started on this. We're going to go ahead and glue these together like this, okay? And I just stained these with my burnt umber. I mixed it with some water and just put it on with a brush. So, it made it a little bit easier to do. Um so, we're just going to start and you can see, I only stained the parts that we're going to show. Uh so, you know, I didn't see any since in just staining the whole things. So we're going to glue together. I'm just going to do three little strips of glue. And just start gluing these bottom ones together first. I want to try and make sure the fronts are lined up pretty well. Yes Diane. We made it last night live. Okay so check out that live last night. Candy I need a hairbrush because I use it sometimes before I hop on live with you all and I just brush my hair so it doesn't look so bad. Um that's why. You probably wouldn't need a hairbrush on yours if you're not going live twice a day like me. I don't use that for crafting. Although I do have a comb up here in my drawer that I do use for crafting. Okay. Alright so there's the bottom. Okay. So let's do these together and then we'll glue the two rows together. Okay that way They're all glued. Each piece is glued together. Because I want the sides as well as the bottom glued together and I want to make sure especially that they're lined up in the front and on the bottom because this is going to stack on top of the other. So, I was noticing that this one right here is just a smidgen shorter than the other ones. So, I want to make sure that bottom is lined up. Okay. Look, I was reaching in the wrong spot for my for my glue sticks. It'll take me a while to get used to that. Okay. Y'all I can't wait till my glue gun gets here. It's driving me crazy. That's right, Barb and that's why I use the comb that I have up here for the gnome beards and stuff. Okay. So, we're going to glue this together Alright, so we'll just take I'm just going to use hot glue but I do think actually, do I want to? Trying to decide if it's necessary to do a little bit of gorilla glue. Okay. Oh no. What my gorilla glue's done for. We're not using that. It's dried out. I must have left the lid off or something. Okay. We're going to do hot glue then. And only hot glue. Alright. So, here we go. Just glue these together. So, now that it's glued together, I'm going to take my stain that I made with my paint and I'll just go back and if there's any spots that need to be touched up there were some spots that were kind of a little lighter than others but then if there's some edges that are standing up and I can see that they weren't stained, I'll just get go ahead and hit those so everything is stained. Now, the little holes, they're not going to be seen, okay? So, we don't have to worry about that because they won't be seen. So, you don't have to get inside those Alright, that looks pretty good. Just going to go over the edge one more time. Okay. I think we're good. We're ready to put on the other pieces. So, the rulers, they're not rulers. The paint sticks. These are going to go right here on the front like this, okay? What we need to do though is cut them down and I'm hopefully going to do that with utility knife. I am just going to lay this on here and trace where I need to cut. Do the same thing for this one. So I don't know yet Barb. It could be hung but it also could just stay stand on its own as well. Which is kind of how I was envisioning it like just sitting instead of hanging So let's grab our knife, and our ruler. Let's see if I can get these cut. Yeah, a chop saw would work great except I don't have one up here. So, but you could definitely use that. I am just going to make a bunch of passes with my knife to get it cut. See how we're looking. There we go. I don't have any roosters. No. Unfortunately, I do not have any roosters. Um but Okay so let's I'm going to go ahead and glue this on. Just going to put glue across here and just up the edge a little bit. Okay. Just like that. So I'll show you all well when I stage it and take a picture of it then you'll kind of get an idea of what can do with it. Okay? Alright, so that's that one. Vicky, we are making chicken nesting houses. Or a chicken nesting house. Now I'm all over the place. I don't know where stuff's at. Alright, that's that. I need to try and like put my stuff away, you know? I'm not very good at that. Okay. Oh, that's a fun idea, Kimberly. Okay. So, let's glue this one on. Flip it over. You know what? I did it upside down. I'm going to have to stain the other side. Oh well. No. No. I don't need to stain the other side. I don't think. This might actually be better. The paint sticks you can get in a any paint area, you know, Walmart, Lowe's. You could probably get them for free at Lowe's. Okay, so here is what it looks like. Now, this piece is going to go up here like this, okay? Or it's going to go in at an angle. So, what we are going to do The auction's at 8 PM Eastern Time. Okay? Alright. So we're going to put our metal on here. Okay? And paint it to make it look kind of old and galvanized. So, let's see. What kind of glue do I want to use? Do I want to do hot glue? It's not going to hold properly very well. I think I'm going to do glue dots actually. To put this on with. So, let's actually lay this on here. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to cut it. Now, you could use this piece here. I'm actually going to have to use these edges as well because it's all I have here. Hammer this down, flatten it out. Okay. We'll put this on and then we'll just sort of fold around the edges. So let's take some glue dots. And put those on and this will be our adhesive. Because yes, the hot glue, it doesn't work real well. Four metal. I think this is going to work good. So the where the proceeds are going has not been officially confirmed yet. Um but I it is going to a good cause. Um no matter what part of it will be. Um and then part of it we will be keeping. So we're not donating all of it. It'll probably be 50% like we did last time. Okay. So I'm going to take my metal and just lay it on here. Debbie, thank you for the stars. And I am sure that it is. I can't imagine. Alright, so I'm just going to fold over the excess. Just kind of fold it around. And then here on the corner going to take my wire cutters and just cut off this little excess that's here on the corner. Thank you so much Doris for sprinkling. Okay. Alright, so there we go. Now, we're going to paint this to make it look more old and aged 'cuz right now, it looks a little too shiny and new and we don't really want that. So, let's grab some paint. We're going to do some dark granite. This is multi-surface by Apple Barrel, dark granite and we're going to do milk chocolate by Apple Barrel. This is also multi-surface so it will adhere really well to this. Um I'm going to start with those two and see see where we how we look and I'm using a pouncer for this. You could also use a makeup sponge as well or a rough brush and just kind of stipple it on there. I'm just going to pounce off a little bit of the paint so we don't have like an excessive amount on here. But then we're just going to start just pouncing this on. And this color helps to make it have more of an old metal kind of a look. We're going to have a little bit of that shiny kind of peeking through here and there. I think I'm also going to add a little bit of black. Not a ton of black but just a little. Debbie, I have grown a lot. I mean, I I think I've grown in my crafting. I look back at some of the things from last year and like mm But I still do that. Sometimes I make things I'm still not super proud of. Okay. So just a little bit of black here and there. Okay let me show ya. Look how that looks. How much better that's looking. Already. But I want to add the brown because that's going to give us more of a rusty look and I definitely want this to have a rusty look about it. So we're going to use the multi-surface chocolate. I'm going to pounce out some of this other color. Thank you, Norma. Okay. So, then, we're just going to add this and this is going to give us a rusty element. I've never used the cinnamon. I'm super happy with this but you could definitely add the cinnamon if you enjoy doing that. Okay. Alright. That looks good. Now what we also need to do. Let me show you. Okay. What we also need to do is we're going to make some pieces out of foam board to go up here to give us some support so we can keep our our roof at an angle. So this is just a little piece of foam board and I'm just going to cut out some tri triangles. So, I'm going to measure I'm going to measure. I had to think about that. Just going to trace here one side so I know how long it needs to be, okay? So, it's going to set there like that. So, now, we're going to just make a triangle and this is going to be our angle for our roof. Like that. I'm going to cut this out and then I'll just duplicate it. We'll make sure that it's the right size and that it if it I don't know if the angle's going to be high enough or not. We'll see. When you're cutting your foam board, make sure that you're using a sharp knife. Because otherwise the foam board will it it just won't cut real well. Okay. So here's our little triangle. I'm going to set this right up here. And put my roof and I think it's going to be perfect. I think it's going to be good but I need to Okay, we need to do one thing. That is kind of put a little bit of an angle on the back instead of it being a 90degree angle because that little piece is not quite big enough. So, the foam board was kind of showing out the top. So, I'm just going to take this piece and put it on here and trace it and then we'll just cut a second one. Yeah, it'll snag. That's a good word for it, Dora. It'll snag. Okay. But as long as you've got a sharp knife, it cuts beautifully. Alright. Got that. So, what we can do now will put our little pieces up here and I'm just going to hot glue them on, okay? I might put a little something on the inside to kind of help support it So, what I think I'm going to do is grab a cube from Dollar Tree Okay, a little Dollar Tree cube and I'm just going to sit this right here on the inside. So, put glue on two sides of it. The side that's going to go on the bottom and then the side that's up against the foam board. Okay. So then we'll do the same thing over here. It's just going right up against the side and right to the front. So I can't really tell y'all the measurement of the triangle. I just eyeballed it. Okay? Um it was total eyeball. You know I just I measured the I just totally laid my my crate down and trace the edge of it so I would know how long the bottom needed to be. And then I just used a ruler and just you know made the angle. Okay? The main thing is just do one and then trace the second one. Okay. Then, we can put our roof on. What I need to do though is get this edge here. I didn't paint it and it's looking a little a little sad. Okay. Let's see. I'm trying to think of the best way I think I'm just going to do that for now. So I'm just going to do some hot glue just right up onto our little pieces. Oh I've almost forgot. Almost forgot y'all. I need to I need to paint these. I'm going to paint them the burnt amber that I use for the stain. I gotta open up a new bottle. Christy, I see your comment now. I almost, almost didn't. Okay, but we're just going to paint them the same color as the wood. Okay. There we go. Okay? So, put some hot glue right on this top part of the foam board And I think I'm going to put a little just right on this front edge. Turn it around here. Alright, here we go. How cute that is. Oh my goodness. Okay so I think I think what I'm going to do is make another one to put in the middle just for safe measures. And so, I think what I can do is just take this one and Let's see if this will work. Yes. Think it will. So, I'm just going to stick this piece in here just to add a little extra support, okay? Just going to put some hot glue on the top and bottom of it. Stick it right in there in the middle. Alright. So, here we go. Now, I'm not quite done. I want to do one more thing. Mm maybe two more things. Okay. Um let's see. So, the first thing that I want to do is use some white paint and I want to add I just want to kind of distress it a little bit more. The crates and everything, it just looks too you know, it needs more. So, I am going to use some white paint and an old brush, I keep this same brush for dry brushing and I never wash it. I just use the same brush and never wash it. So, I just put some paint on the end and then, I'm just kind of pouncing off a lot of the paint and I'm going to come back and just just kind of randomly put some of the white paint on here, okay? Very randomly I don't Susan but I do have a lot Well, thank you, Cathy. I'm glad to hear you say that. I just want it to look like it's been well used. I don't want it to look like a brand new Chicken House. I want it to look like one that has been used. Okay. So you can see what that does. And I think I'm going to do some on the inside as well. The roof is a sign from the Dollar Tree. It was just a wooden, a long wooden sign that was on a jute hanger and then we wrapped foil from a cookie sheet. We wrapped the foil around it and painted it. So I want to try something else and I'm going to grab my pouncer And I'm going to do just some milk chocolate and a little black. Just kind of both of them. Pouncing that off. I'm just going to take and put some of this just sort of randomly again just kind of adding age to it. So there's spots that have the black and spots that have the milk chocolate. Do the side as well. And I think I'll also come back with some distressing. I think I'll also take my sand sanding file to it as well. Okay. So, that is how we're looking, okay? So, look at that. See how that helps just kind of age it a little bit. Um okay so file. Let me grab my file. And I'm just going to take this just to the edges Kind of sand away in spots. Doesn't have to be like all over everything. Okay. Getting in here on these creases. Alright. So, look how cute that is. Alright. So, I did also have this chicken wire out that I really kind of wanted to do something with but I don't know. What do you all think? Like, I'm not sure if there's anything I can do with it. But let me play with it for a second. And see. So this is chicken wire ribbon. It's from Hobby Lobby. Okay. 499 regular price. I was wondering I don't think I like that. Maybe. What do you all think about just kind of on the front like that? What do we think about that? Yay or nay on that on the chicken wire. Just kind of wrapping it around the front bottom portion of the Now they're saying you like it. Let me cut it and do let me cut it and do the bottom piece as well. I have to get the full vision. And I just wrapped it all the way around. Tina says that her coop has chicken wire on it. So it's just Makes it look like the real deal, she said. I think I'm going to do it. I think I'm going to do it. So, here's what we're going to do. To get this to stay grab some popsicle sticks. These are the larger popsicle sticks and I'm just going to cut and just glue it on and put a popsicle stick on top is what I'm thinking. So, I'm going to do some hot glue underneath and hot glue on top Now, this would be the perfect scenario for a staple gun. But I don't have any staples for my staple gun. So, let's do the same thing over here. Norma decided she does like the wire. Yay. I liked it both ways, honestly. I'm not sure that I was sold more one way than the other. So so I figured might as well go for it. Oh thank you Paula. Okay. So we got the bottom 1 on. I think. Okay. Stew the top. Bye, Maria. Okay. Alright, one more. Y'all this is so fun. Using Dollar Tree items. And y'all can you can always find these crates. That that is true. They they are generally there. And I see them all the time. I think this is the first time though I've used them. Thank you, Darlene. Okay. So I think we're done. I'm going to show you one more thing that I'm going to do. And then when I show you a picture of it, I will stage it so you can kind of see what you can do with it. But here's how it turned out. Isn't that so stinking cute? Okay. So, hang on a second. Let me find my excelsior. I can get it. Oh goodness. That was a lot of work. Alright. So excelsior. I'm going to put excelsior inside each of the little houses. Um and it's going to be very similar to like what the chickens would would have. So, I'm just going to grab a bunch of it and just stick it into each one. Thank you, Heather. So and you can even kind of like form it almost as if a little chicken's been sitting on it. And this just covers up those little holes from the crates. So you could do basically the thing about this is there's a lot of options on what you could do inside it. You could leave it just empty like this. You could add some eggs inside like some country eggs. Um if you do have any kind of little chickens or roosters you could put those in there. But you also don't have to do any of that. Um you could leave the excelsior out if you want to and just use it as like a little display cabinet so you could just put like a bunch of different little things in there. Um that you have like little that you got laying around. Does anyone else use that word choc keys? Um But it's very farmhousey and country. Look at that. Put away some of these bigger pieces. How stinking cute. Oh my word. I love it. I love it. I love it. Um let me see. Hang on a second. Trying to see if I have any like eggs So see how like just a little country egg in there is really cute. Or even like you can go with like little smaller eggs to sit in there. That's cute. This would definitely be cute at Easter time too, wouldn't it? Um but I don't have any other like little things up here that I can show you that you could put inside it but I will find some things when I take a picture and just kind of show you and that way you can get a better idea of how to kind of stage it, okay? How to put stuff in it, okay? So oh thank you Marie. I'm so glad to hear that. So I think this is super fun. You know what? I just thought of one more thing though. I just thought of one more thing that I think I need to do. And that is all know I like a little rust. So I'm going to add a little bit of rust to the chicken wire. I don't know why I didn't do that earlier. But the chicken wire definitely is too shiny. Doing some more. Can't leave well enough alone. Thank you Lynn. So, I'm just using my milk chocolate paint. Just dabbing it on to the chicken wire. You could absolutely use it to put craft supplies in. Okay. Alright, that's a little better. I know that was like just very small thing. Marie, thank you for the stars. So, there we go. Just added some rust to the chicken wire, okay? Is all we did. Tina, thank you for the stars. So, six crates from the Dollar Tree, okay? Six crates. We just stained them all. I used burnt amber, taint, and water, okay? I just watered the burnt amber down and just used a brush to stain all of my crates. I made sure to concentrate on the insides and then but I didn't worry about if I was going to be putting them together I didn't worry about staining that part so then this piece right here in the front is a five gallon stir stick okay a five gallon stir stick we just stained it and cut it down to size and I just cut it down to size with a sharp utility knife that's all I use Then the roof was just a long sign from Dollar Tree. It was about 12 inches tall and then about two and a half about two and a half inches wide. Okay. So it had a piece of jute hanger on it. I just removed the jute and then this is just a cookie sheet from Dollar Tree and we just wrapped that around and then used our pouncer and did some dark granite multi-surface dark granite by Apple Barrel. Some milk chocolate multi-surface and then just some black. Okay just some regular black paint. Um and just very quickly doesn't take much time. Just adding those colors on there starting with the gray first and then adding a little bit of black. Just a little and then some of your milk chocolate on there. Just kind of gives it a more old aged kind of a look. And then we dry brushed white all over our Chicken coop as well as used our pouncer and did some black and some of the milk chocolate on the chicken coop or the chicken house as well. Did a little bit of sanding with our file. Okay, just distressed it a little bit. And then last minute we decided to add the chicken wire across the front of it as well. So it turned out so stinking cute. I love, love, love how it look. So for about $8 probably if you count the extra twenty5 cents. Um the and the roof. I just used a piece of scrap. So this is what the back looks like. You know what I didn't do is put a block right there. Maybe I should do that really quick. Um so I just cut a piece of foam board. That's all that is there to add support is a piece of foam board. And I think it's going to be pretty secure. It helps that the This piece on this side is wood. So it's going to stick to it really well. So anyways y'all that's all there is to it. I hope you all enjoy this craft. It turned out so stinking cute. Um I will see you all in a few hours and don't forget about the auction. Um tonight at 8 PM Eastern Time. We'll be sharing more information about that very soon. Okay. There will be more information around o'clock, we're going to be posting a video that's got everything that's going to be in the auction, okay? So, you're going to want to stay tuned for that and check that out so you can see what you want to try to bid on. I hope you have a fabulous day and I will see you very soon. Bye.
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