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a chair with a sign on it that says, there are you waiting for coffee?
How Do You Like Your Coffee? With You, Mug Stains Pattern Art Print, Coffee Lovers Poster & Gifts
A mug stains pattern art poster for your cafe buddy! This print is the perfect gift for your partner especially if they like drinking coffee! It's a great, easy, and a fast way of showing your love for your significant other. this will add the perfect touch to your home #coffeetypes #howdoyoulikeyourcoffee #favoritecoffee #favoritedrink #kitchenposter #kitchenart #easydecoration #athomegift #diygift #giftsforcoffeedrinkers #forcoffeedrinker #forcoffeelover #coffeelove #couplegifts #giftsforher
a person holding up a card with dried plants on it
Heute mal ein DIY-Projekt für die Großen. 😉 Eigentlich benötigt ihr nur eine Leinwand oder einen Bilderrahmen, Strohhalme, doppelseitiges … | Instagram
a white card with a black and white image of a disco ball hanging from a string
Disco Ball #1
This Disco Ball is part of Catherine's first ever original collection. I chose disco balls as they got me out of my creative funk at the start of 2024. I originally painted one to hang in my own living room, but soon realised how fun they were to paint and did a few more... Information Painted with acrylic on canvas board, 5x7 inches. The painting has been sealed to reduce discolouration. Sold unframed. Signed by Catherine on the front. Original painting - you will receive the exact one shown in the images. All originals are posted using Royal Mail Tracked & Signed and ready to dispatch straight away. View all my originals here.
For ❤️ I used a size 2 mop brush by @goldenmapleart Watercolor paints from @kuretakejapan For lettering I used liquid chrome gold pen from Amazon brand is Zeyar This fun watercolor exercise is helpful in testing out color schemes and practice with blending❤️…. Remember perfection isn’t the goal… but the end result is very pretty I think😁 Let’s make a fun and easy card for a special someone or just for the fun of it 😘. Make quick watercolor a daily habit! Inspired by coming of Valentines Day… always painting in the EASIEST way I can think of…