La cucina italiana

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a menu for an italian restaurant with spaghetti and tomato sauce on it's side
a close up of a plate of food on a table with a fork in it
a piece of chocolate cake sitting on top of a white sheet of paper with the words cappuccino - trammusu
the menu for an italian restaurant is displayed on a table with plates and utensils
an advertisement for a pizza with toppings on the front and back cover is shown
a jar filled with cream sitting on top of a towel
PESTO AL TONNO bianco senza philadelpia
PESTO AL TONNO bianco senza philadelpia
a white plate topped with riso and potatoes next to some onions on a table
Risotto patate e pancetta cremoso senza burro, ricetta | Il chicco di mais
v_ risotto patate e pancetta ricetta facile e gustosa senza burro il chicco di mais
several rolls stacked on top of each other in front of a basket filled with bread
Pagnottelle all'olio - Morbide dentro Croccanti fuori - lamiabuonaforchetta
PAGNOTTELLE ALL'OLIO ottime per la merenda dei bambini. Croccanti fuori morbide dentro #paniniall'olio #lievitati #gialloblog #giallozafferanoblog #lamiabuonaforchetta
a person holding a cake on top of a wooden box next to cups and saucers
Sbriciolata al cacao con ricotta
sbriciolata al cacao con ricotta
an eggplant dish on a white plate with wooden utensils next to it
La cucina italiana: Gebackene Zucchini {Rezept} - Casa di Falcone
Gebackene Zucchini I Antipasti I La cucina italiana I Rezept von Casa di Falcone
a casserole dish filled with macaroni and cheese on a red checkered cloth
#Pasta al #forno #siciliana, un #primo piatto rustico ricco di ingredienti saporiti come #prosciutto, #uova, tuma (o #mozzarella), #melanzane e tanto altro che ne fanno un #timballo perfetto da servire in un #pranzo all'aria aperta, un #picnic di primavera e in qualsiasi momento se ne abbia voglia!
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a white bowl filled with rice on top of a table
Penne im Topf: Tomatenreis
four different types of food are shown in this photo collage, each with an egg on top
Italian Baked Eggs - Damn Delicious
eggs are cheap and sauce is commonly found in food basket ITALIAN BAKED EGGS
a person is scooping some food out of a white casserole dish on a red cloth
Einfach Hausgemacht - Mein Magazin für Haus und Küche
Lasagne mit Spinat und Béchamel.
several plates with food on them being prepared
Pancake di patate al forno
Pancake di patate al forno