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a wall with pictures, photos and other items on it's display board in a frame
Shadow box or frame to display old photos, small keepsakes, postcards, etc.
an old wooden box filled with lots of assorted items and knick knacks
Parks & Casamassima & Purvis – Aug.10
two black framed pictures hanging on the side of a wall
10 Best Items for Custom Framing Vacation Memories - The Great Frame Up :: Webster Groves
an assortment of crafting supplies are arranged on a wooden table with paper and scissors
How to Create a Custom Shadowbox: Holiday Style (and GIVEAWAY)
there is a wall hanging with many different items on it and a potted plant in the foreground
Cubbies of treasured LITTLES
there are many toys on the wall in this room
At home with the Conran Shop's creative director
there is a wall hanging with pictures on it
Two of My Favorite Things (at Mr. G's House)