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snowflakes in different shapes and sizes on a white background
Snowflake shapes set 2 stock vector. Illustration of background - 11955232
two brown and gold coasters sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
30 Ideias de Cadernos Decorados para a Volta às Aulas - Revista Artesanato
a white card with green lines in the center on a wooden table outside, surrounded by grass and trees
embroidery – Page 2 – Koto Embroidery
an old black and white photo of snowflakes
*Snowflakes: A Chapter From the Book of Nature* (1863)
four different colored tiles with designs on them
BOU 199 : Les éléments de l'art arabe, Joules Bourgoin
an image of a blue and white tile design
Images By Zvika Warshavsky On Patterns E04
an old book with some black and white drawings on the pages, one has a geometric design
Star and cross pattern
a black and white drawing of a circular design with lines in the middle, on a white background
#islamicdesign #islamic Art #islamicgeometry #arabianart #geometry # A76
four different types of cross stitchs are shown in black and white, each with an individual's own pattern
PIA 017 : Pattern in Islamic Art, David Wade
four rubber stamps with mushrooms on them in different colors and shapes, sitting on a white surface
Mushroom Hand Carved Rubber Stamp Set
mushroom, fungi, hand carved rubber stamp, lino, printmaking, illustration, nature, flora, colour, print
some blue and white designs are being made on the paper with crafting supplies next to them