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a small toy hamster sitting on top of someone's hand
Je donne vie à des pierres en peignant l’esprit que je ressens à l’intérieur de ces dernières
Akie Nakata
a hand is holding an owl made out of clay and painted with acrylic paint
an owl with yellow eyes sitting on top of a wooden table
a painted rock with a gnome next to a lantern
a painted rock sitting on top of a pile of rocks covered in snow and trees
Mariola’s Art
someone is holding up a painted rock that looks like a house with bats on it
a hand holding a rock with a painted image of a spider on it's face
a snowman made out of rocks and branches on a wooden door hanger with white balls
a painted rock with a hot air balloon in the sky
three pieces of art made out of stained glass on a blue background, with buildings in the foreground