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a paper plate space ship with stars on it and the words paper plate space ships
{craft} paper plate space ships - a little delightful
a little delightful: {craft} paper plate space ships
a poster describing how to make fruit salad
Teaching resources
Fruit Salad: Clear A4 posters with simple text and picture prompts. Could be used on the IWB, as a display or as smaller table top cards to guide pupils.
two children are painting on paper at a table
Handa's Surprise and fruit printing
Handa's Surprise and fruit printing
a photo frame with fruits and vegetables on it
Handa’s Surprise A4 Page Borders (SB4508)
Handa’s Surprise A4 page borders (SB4508) - SparkleBox
an image of colorful feathers on a blue background
Circle Weaving- a new twist
weaving for hands surprise
a painting of a woman carrying a basket on her head in front of an antelope
Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne
a child's drawing of a snake and other animals on a red background with the words hand & village written below it
Handa's Surprise
a bulletin board with an elephant and giraffe theme in the middle of it
Beautiful display looking at Handa's Surprise
two toy figurines standing next to each other on a wooden floor with toys in the background
Handa's surprise
Handa's Surprise theme with playdough and play people.