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a plant in a black pot sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a stair case
Vertical | Iron Elements
an image of a wooden staircase going up to the top floor in a house or apartment
Two buildings become one: the example of Sydney’s Phoenix Central Park
an artistic sculpture made out of concrete blocks
a metal handrail on the side of a wooden stair case next to a white wall
a close up view of a metal railing on a wooden stair case with wood paneling
Bronze Staircase – Liaigre - ParExcellence New York
a close up of a metal object on a white wall with no one around it
a knife that is sitting on top of a piece of metal with holes in it
Old barn on Whidbey Island converted into stunning home for entertaining
several metal handrails are standing in front of some concrete steps and stairs with green tiles on them
The Green Lobby: A Cranbrook Gem
there is a cat that is sitting on the stairs next to the banisters
MoodBoardMix: Photo
a person holding a piece of wood in front of a wooden wall with an arrow on it
Neri&Hu creates "stair of encounters" inside Bloomberg's Hong Kong office
a wooden stair rail on the side of a white wall