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an abstract painting with circles and lines on it
Page Not Found | Lanoue Gallery
"By the Water", 60x36", acrylic & mixed media on canvas by Karine Léger for solo exhibition at Lanoue Gallery in Boston.
a drawing with words written on it and mountains in the background
Real Stories. Real Advice. Real Community. | Harness Magazine
I'D RATHER BE A MOTHER - blackout poetry |
an old book with some lines drawn on the page and another line that appears to have been
Buchseite Zitat Idee
a black and white photo with the words we could do something on it in different languages
We could have been. But sadly we parted ways before we had the chance.
an old book with black ink on it and some words written in the bottom right corner
Practice Makes Perfect. Made by @mikegermonart... |
Practice Makes Perfect. Made by @mikegermonart #dbf2014 #dbfblackout #makeblackoutpoetry (at AJC Decatur Book Festival)
an old book with black and white illustrations on it's page, which has been altered to read
Brilliant British Artist - Dean Mariner: What do you think...
a black and white drawing on paper with lines in the shape of a human figure
By Brooke Hymer
a piece of paper that has some writing on it
blackout poetry More
an intricately designed rug is displayed on a white surface with red and black stripes
Couldn't believe this was embroidered installation by Faig Ahmed #faigahmed #embroidery #meltingcarpet