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a small boat is floating on the water
two boats in the water near each other
Wally 145 - 44m Luxury Sailing Yacht with Hybrid Propulsion
Wally 145 - 44m sailing yacht with hybrid propulsion. Exterior Design and Naval Architecture: Germán Frers
a white sailboat floating on top of the ocean
Luxus-Yacht von McLaren
Imposante Erscheinung: 48 Meter lang, 60 Meter hoch und bei ausgefahrenen...
three different views of a boat in the water and one showing it's deck
Esense 143 Mega Yacht par Wally - Journal du Design
Entre voilier et yacht, toute la beauté du design italien Wally, le constructeur italien de bateaux internationalement reconnu pour ses projets grand luxe,
there is a checkered floor on the back of a boat
#eco #boat #deck #materials lightweight boat decking waterproof
a sailboat is floating on the water with its front end down and it's engine out
Peugeot Concept Sailboat
Peugeot Concept Sailboat - Car Body Design
an old sailboat is docked at the dock
ZsaZsa Bellagio
a man laying on the ground next to a large wooden boat in a wooded area
Naval Architecture: Photo
the sailboat is docked at the dock
a man standing on top of a sailboat in the ocean next to another boat
Spirit 47CR: Herzschlagbeschleuniger unter Segeln
Spirit 47CR
an old wooden sailboat in the water with no people on it's deck
Braschosblog: Lake 35 aus der Glas Werft am Starnberger See | SegelReporter
Schönes Wochenende: Die Lake 35 lädt zu herrlich verbummelten Stunden auf dem Königssee, wie der Starnberger See von Einheimischen genannt wird ein. Ganz gleich, ob es Wind hat, oder er vielleicht doch noch vorbei schaut. © Bootswerft Glas
the inside of a wooden sailboat on water
Steuerrad #engelundvölkers #ostseeliebe
a man is sitting on the back of a small boat in the middle of the water
DeAnt-New-1.Interesting layout.
two people on a sailboat in the water
Classic sailboat - SPIRIT 37 11,30m - 37' 1 - Spirit Yachts