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the words rock stars never die written in black ink on a white background with some type of writing
hell was the journey but it brought me heaven
a stack of halloween movies sitting on top of each other
a magnifying glass with a skeleton looking at it's reflection in the mirror
Mattis Dovier
two skeletons holding hands in the middle of a field with a red rose on it
an angel is standing in the midst of flowers and leaves with her hands to her face
James Usill Journal
an angel statue with a halo around it's neck and hands in the air
Abomination by MateuszMajewski on DeviantArt
an ornate ceiling with many paintings on it
queen aesthetic | Tumblr
a painting of the ocean at night time
a painting of people on horses in the water at night with mountains in the background
Ivan Aivazovsky - Darial Gorge (1862)
a painting of a woman sitting on a chair next to a man holding a fan
"Dracula" by Arantzazu Martinez. Absolutely stunning painting. Look at that detail! Look at that bunny near her foot!
the mountains are covered in snow and fog
Huangshan Mountain, China [721x1082]