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two pairs of white and beige earrings sitting on top of a wicker basket next to a potted plant
Clay Earrings, Autumn Earring, Textured, Leaf, Fall, Neutral, Cream Speckled, Geometric, Boho, Handm
a green necklace with a tree on it
Custom Jewelry
a woman's hand holding a green and gold ring with two rings on it
Polymer clay jewelry sets to wear on Monday at the office - FImo DIY, polymer clay tutorials
a necklace with flowers hanging from it on a blue surface next to red and white flowers
Artist Nuby of Colourful Blossom Sculpts Beautiful One-Of-A-Kind Polymer Clay Succulents to Build a Great Brand Jewelry - Nunn Design
two blue earrings with white flowers and green leaves on the table next to some branches
Shaelyn Designs
three pairs of earrings are shown on a white sheet with one earring has been cut out and the other is made from wood
Four Eyes Ceramics Pebble Earrings - Peach